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Senior Agent and President Over the years since then, she has developed a vibrant, best-selling customer base and placed nearly eight hundred books in a wide variety of category groups, among them Romanticism, Womaniction, Womanhood, Mercantile Diction, Inspiration, Memoirs and Non-Fiction, Private Finances, Music, Consumer Cultures, Self Help, Religious, Public Welfare, and Education. Deider' s customers have been featured on all important best-seller listings, among them the New York Times, USA Today, Publisher's Weekly, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times best-seller catalog.

Its writers have won numerous prizes, among them the sought-after RITA, the Gold Medal, the Walden Books Award for Best New author and many others. It is a. Sie gehört der Association of Authors' Representatives and Romance Writers of America an. She is currently looking for Romanticism (Contemporary Romanticism, Historical, M/M, PNR). However, their interests are by no means restricted to romanticism.

She' s keen on women's literature, southern literature, high-concept commercial literature with an elegance vote, a historic novel about a one-of-a-kind cultural or temporal age. In spite of her great reputation as one of the top professional fictional agencies in the business, she also had huge achievements with memories. She would like to find outstanding memories of singular narratives narrated in a vivid, singular tone of voice. What a great experience!

Deidre is also looking for storybooks, social skills, economics, finance, net cultural and uncommon topics. I' d like to find the fantasy/woman-faction that spans the genre in a lyrical way, e.g. Time Traveler's Wife and The Night Circus.

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This is an example list from the folder. Once you have registered, you will have full control over: The majority of printed and on-line catalogues of intermediaries are obsolete, inaccurate and full of errors. Relying on these lists to find Miami and Florida accounting officials will offend your odds of getting a Frahlingur to oversee you.

Consultation on manuscripts with Frahlingin Jill Marr

It is Jill Marr who is an operative with Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstra. A graduate of San Diego State University with a BA in English, majoring in Arts & Crafts and a subsidiary subject in English Literature. He is interested in business literature, with a focus on mystery, thriller, romantic tension and terror, business literature for womens and historic literature.

It is also looking for non-fiction books by writers who have their works periodically released and have a real feel for the markets and their audiences. He is looking for non-fiction in the fields of story, narratives, sports, policy, contemporary affairs, healthcare & food, popular art, humour, music and very selected memoirs.

Jill is expressly not interested:

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