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The Curtis Brown is Australia's oldest and largest Frahlingur representing a variety of Australian and New Zealand authors. Frahlingen - and what not to do....


The most up-and-coming writers who want to have their manuscripts published in the traditional way can imagine a finishing line with a publishing house and a publishing agreement. However, it is often difficult to get there and agents can help. Jacinta Di Mase, who lives in Melbourne, founded her own Frahlingur in 2004 after more than 25 years in the publishing world.

Jacinta's firm covers authors and illustrations from a wide variety of different disciplines, among them illustrated and young adults' literature as well as nonfiction and non-fiction for the retail sector. Allison Tait had a conversation with Jacinta about her work as an operative in a recent installment of our top podcasting So you want to be a writer. Allison Tait was the first person to talk to Jacinta about her work.

About the agents' roles over the years: "I don't think the part of an operative has really been altered. It is still the authors' number one proponent.... The publishing industry is always in flux. Agents can provide their customers with consistency in this ever-changing world. In selecting whether to substitute on the basis of an unbidden manuscript:

From perhaps seven to ten per days I might be reading one or two example sections. From there I can quickly determine whether I want to continue and (in the case of fiction) continue reading the whole work. This is the greatest error authors make when turning to agents:

Drummond Agency

Founded in 1997 by Sheila Drummond, an accomplished publisher's name. We have a widespread net of subagents in many areas, enabling us to offer our customers the opportunity to sell worldwide Englishspeaking and translating copyrights. ALAA is a member of the Australian Literary Agents Association (ALAA).

You are able to deal with publishers and other companies to make sure that you are given the best possible conditions. The agents act as a liaison between the publishers and the authors and take care of all commercial issues of the liaison procedure, such as contract negotiations, billing and collection of advance payments, royalty and other charges, to make sure that they are on time and accurate.

It also serves as a cache if there are any issues during or beyond the release time. Your task is to develop your careers by using as many copyrights as possible and promoting new works.

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