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For inquiries about rights, please contact Lucy Cleland (see'Our Agents' page). Above It offers its customers full support in all areas of its work, which includes editing advice, submissions and selling works to large and small publishing houses, negotiating agreements, multilingual distribution, movie and TV licences, and advertising and promotional work. Based on well-founded editing know-how, sector know-how and many years of contractual negotiation practice, the consultancy offers editing assessment and inputs, as well as consulting and right-handling.

Christopher began his professional careers as a classic in the bookshop business in a way few publishers do: He worked in a renowned second-hand bookstore, Valley Books in Amherst and the international bookstore, the Harvard Bookshop, Cambridge (as well as at Odyssey and Goliard Books (R.I.P.) and WordsWorth Books).

After graduating from the Radcliffe Publishing Course, he worked as a sales executive before coming to Boston in 2000 as associate to Beacon Press as an executive producer and acquisition journalist, where he had the unparalleled chance to buy and work on both literature and non-fiction. To learn how to buy and distribute literature at the point of sale taught him how to buy and guided him in the representation of writers and the distribution of scripts.

He has a broad interest in the fields of US and Europe literature, ethnology, American philology, culture, literature, sport, literature, music, arts and culture. He' learnt at last that graphics novel are not comics, but serious clich├ęs. Christopher comes from Amherst, Massachusetts, and resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Amherst, Massachusetts

It can be quite a trial to find an operative. We are looking for authors with a clear view of a product and an appreciation of the markets. Today, publishing houses are looking for authors with an audiences they can demonstrate that they know how to get there. F: Do I have to have a completed eBook before I check it out?

F: How can I increase my chance of my publication? Prepare to show a publishers that you can not only compose the text, but that you have an audiences you can contact. F: How do I find the right agents? Advice: Research before asking.

Just operatives doing the kind of work you offer. F: How important is the inquiry mail? They will never see your suggestion if they do not see the inquiry letters. Amerindian Association of Author's Representatives is a professionally organized association of over 400 representatives. and like most of our agent, we calculate the usual 15% commissions.

and in the publisher business, it's the one you know, not where you are. However, we still come to New York on a regular basis to personally talk to our editorial staff and participate in the year round Books Expo and other events.

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