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Manchester Literary Agency's No.1 | Database of Frahlings Hundreds of thousands of book publishers and magazines. Unrivalled access to global capabilities from the US, UK and beyond. There are no charges, but this agent can ask the writer to pay some of them, such as postal charges, photocopies, etc. It is an active search for the submission of MSS.

We do not use any source to make either favourable or unfavourable estimates of this agent.

It was founded in 2009 with the aim of supporting writers and screenwriters from the Northwest. There' s no feed-back for this agent yet. When you have had any contacts with this agent or when you make contacts with this agent, please consider coming back and leaving your comments - whether positively, negatively or neutrally - to help other people.

Should you find any inconsistencies, please use the" Reporting errors" function at the top of the page. 90-page literature (compared to only 55 pages in Writer's Market and 39 pages in Writers' & Artists' Yearbook), plus hundreds of book publishers and magazines.

Unrivalled reporting on worldwide possibilities from the US, UK and beyond - a reflection of today's worldwide publishers.

Frahlingur Manchester

As I said before I accidently removed the entry, I think the name of this threads topic should be "Manchester Literary Agency"! has nothing to do with an agent's whereabouts. It was 2-3 years after the cooperation that I got to know my first agents personally.

I was writing a book that he thought he could get to my book and that worked for us both for a while. You want an operative who is selling similar to yours and has a success story. Anybody can put up a tag and call themselves an agency, but a good one has connections in the business, knows how to make a deal, and protects your interests.

You don't need an operative in Great Britain either. There''s no need why you shouldn't file works with U.S. operatives, especially in this era of the world. If this is the case, you are still looking for sales representatives who are selling similar ledgers. Their position is less important than the type and qualitiy of their work.

A" good fit" has nothing to do with the position of an agents. There is NO BOOK COVER in this operative. what a website of a pro operative should look like: You take the risk of choosing an agentless candidate (not part of an incumbent agency).

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