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I have an eclectic customer list because I am looking for a good story to tell. And Allison Cohen is Frahlingin with The Gersh Agency. Place 2018: Selected agents and moderators She has worked in bookshops, periodicals, publishers and Frahlinguren. She entered the programme "Selected Shorts" in 2011 and interviewed writers and actresses about the importance of writing and read. Visitors will take part in a break-out sessions or the Friday night programme.

Furthermore, each participant is granted three 8-minute on-site pitches with the presented agent during the meeting. I' m looking: Curestin acquires high quality and commercial fiction, magic realism, science fiction, fantasy, selected historical fiction, LGBTQ (every genre), illustration picture-book, middle class, young adults, graphic novels and novels.

She searches for design, cooking, pop psychology, narration, photography, natural history and sciences in her non-fiction book. Curestin Armada began her publisher training at Workman Publishers and worked as an assistent at The Lotts Agency before coming to P.S. Literary. Her reading goes far beyond the boundaries of different musical styles and has a particular preference for sci-fi and phantasy, especially for textbooks that recognise and undermine the tropics of the fictional world.

I' m looking: She tries to work in the fields of history, narrative articles, health, ecology, historic phantasy, suspense, thriller and in children's literature - mostly intermediate and YA phantasy. Ms. Bert was a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Authors Representatives (AAR) and currently serves as Chairwoman of the AAR Royalties Committee. Your agent, Laura Dail Literary Agent, Inc.

has stood for literature and non-fiction for over 20 years, both for grown-ups and kids. They - there are 4 operatives in the company - are representing a broad spectrum of different playwrights, among them best-selling playwrights of children's literature, Kiera Cass, Sarah J. Maas and Sarah Mlynowski, award-winning and best-selling journalist, historian, enigma and novelist.

Join Laura on Twitter at @LCDail and the @LDLiterary team. I' m looking: Reiko's interests are diverse, but she is particularly interested in mature literature and sophisticated literature, storybooks and literature for young adults and the small and medium-sized businesses. Her storytelling skills include a powerful vocalist, clever, fun heroes, narrow places (especially cities in the South and Midwest), storytelling, dark and exciting fictions and tales of extraordinary friendship or the often dangerous ground of people.

She is active in the search for young, mature and medium-sized literature for children's literature - whether it' modern, historic, imaginative or just a novel with eternal qualities and lively personalities. Her main interests in non-fiction are culture, literature and literature as well as intriguing guided visits to niches, storytelling, psychology, creative and memoirs.

Prior to coming to DeFiore in early 2016, Reiko Davis was associated with Miriam Altshuler Literature Agency for four years. Born in Kansas City, she graduated with a BA in Comparative Literature and Fine Arts from Brown University and is a Columbia Publishing Course undergraduate. I' m looking: Literature and commercial novels, story collections, cookbooks, memoirs, narrative non-fiction, YA and middle school.

I' m looking for voices, authorities and insights. Ferrari-Adler has been an Union Literature sales representative for many years. She has an MBA in Film from the University of Michigan and a BA from Oberlin. I' m looking: Currently I am looking for literature and business literature, science literature, science literature, horrors and suspense, literature from the upper classes and YA in all categories, as well as books and graphical books and memoir.

I' m particularly attracted by the fictional element of magic realisticism, a dark and comic narration vocals, intelligent turns of the genre and saga of the family travelling through place and age. Beginning my publisher work experience as an internship with the Susan Golomb Literary Agency and the New Press, I spent several years teaching English at New York City government colleges before coming back to editing.

Before I joined Compass Talent, I worked at Chalberg & Sussman and Roam Frahlinguren. At New School I have a BA in Literature and Creativity and an MA in English from Columbia University Teachers College. The Compass Talent business unit covers writers of literature and business literature; sophisticated non-fiction, which includes memoirs, journals, story, science and cookery books; and mid-range and YA.

I' m looking: Wish List Dawn is looking for biographical - historical, media-related or politically, but ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL MEMOIRS; Creative Non-fiction - It must be intelligent, with an eye-catching plattform and business. There is a broad spectrum of subjects I am enjoying; historical textbooks that will delight the business readers.

Young adult fiction, non-fiction; middle grade fiction, non-fiction. There is Dawn Frederick, the proprietor of Red Sofa Literary, founded in 2008.

At the moment I do not distribute scripts for young adults, middle classes or children. Conor Goldsmith is an agent with Fuse Literary. In 2012 he began his professional path in the field of publication at Lowenstein Associates, where he was appointed Associate Agent in March 2013. Born in Fuse in early 2014, he was appointed Agent in November 2015.

Before entering the book business, he worked as a full-time trainee and tutor in the Abrams Artists Agency's corporate movie and TV team. His passion is story telling across all types of mediums as a means of achieving societal advancement and a master's degree in journalism from the New School for Public Engagement.

I' m looking: He searches for YA (all styles, but above all: sci-fi and fantasy that has a single tick, real YA with different characters), sophisticated women's literature and everything that gives a vote to those whose votes are under-represented and/or minimal. She will definitely be struck by tales of the Middle East and the diversity of migrant out there.

She is looking for funny and intriguing memoir for non-fiction books and is particularly interested in LGBTQ and feministic topics. Serene Hakim worked for Laura Gross Literary Agency in Boston before coming to Ayesha Pande Literary. Miriam has also completed an internship with David Godine Publisher and Chase Literary Agency. But she is particularly fond of literature with powerful women's parts, both YA and grown-up literature and non-fiction with topics of interest internationally as well as LGBTQ and feminism.

She' s always looking for great YA sci-fi and imagination, real YA, and anything that gives a vote to those whose votes are under-represented and/or minimal. She is particularly interested in Middle Eastern history and the diversity of the experience of migrants.

I' m looking: She is looking for literature; books clubs literature; high tension; nonfiction; selected young adults books. She specializes in the following: books on the subject of culture and/or collisions, literature with spectacular features, stories about families and modernity. A Frahlingin with Folio Literature Management, Erin Harris is committed to the career of both novice and mature writers, with a keen editor's eye and practical access to her agency work.

Away from the offices, she is co-curator of the H.I.P. Lit literature events program in Brooklyn and a member of the Epiphany Magazine executive committee. Iowa Short Fiction Award Gewin Allegra Hyde ; Daniel Levine, romancier du New York Times ; Indie Next Pick Autorin Erica Ferencik ; BEA Buzz Panel Autorin Marie Marquardt ; et VCFA Absolventin Katie Bayerl.

I' m looking: Especially Jennie is looking for funny, inventive, varied and progressively sci-fi and phantasy for people. One of the most important tasks of sci-fi is to think of a bright and bright world. And Jennie is also looking for story for a populace of grown-up audiences.

Since 2017 Jennie Goloboy has been with Frahlingur Donald Maass. Prior to that, she was an operative at Red Sofa Literature for six years. I' m looking: So Monica's looking for: Literature and sophisticated literature. She is not a fictional of genres. Illustrazioners with verifiable publishing systems, especially authors/illustrators working on non-fiction books, graphical memorabilia or graphical books.

She is an associate with Liza Dawson Associates, where she works for a large number of non-fiction books by writers, as well as sophisticated literature and illustration writers. The New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Rachel Ignotofsky (Women in Science: I' m looking: At the moment I am most active in looking for young adults (YA) and intermediate (MG) literature and non-fiction.

For adults I am selective: female fictions, memoirs and stories, most often in the following categories: popular sciences, popular art, travelling and eating and writing notes. I am particularly interested in non-fiction on creativeness, cultural issues, history, fellowship, connectivity as well as friendship/love/family in all their shapes; the intersection of unanticipated related themes; and those that underline a global history of humanity, regardless of contexts.

Non-prescription non-fiction (e.g. self-help or dietetic books); grown-up detective novels, grown-up detective stories or SF/F; text in illustrated novels; poems; chapterbooks; scripts; or heroes. Miss Molly O'Neill is a Frahlingin with Root Literature. Over the past fourteen years, she has served in various positions in the editorial industry: previously she was an agency at Waxman Leavell Literature Agency, an editor at HarperCollins Children's Boooks, where she purchased Veronica Roth's Youth Divergent range, among others, and head of editorial at Storybird, a publisher and technology company, and a member of the School & Library Marketing divisions at HarperCollins and Clarion Biok.

Particularly enthusiastic about the individuals behind the book, Molly is proud to discover and evangelise gifted writers and illuminators, expand the overall scope of her work and find new ways to connect and fellowship between writers, audiences, stories und their masters. I' m looking: Featuring a constant passion for obscure subjects and unashamedly nerdish food - Battlestar Galactica, Joss Whedon and Lev Grossman's magician line are three of her great lovers - Lana is attracted to wonderfully and multifaceted Young Adult and Middle Grade works that range from modern realisticism to fictional speculation, imagination, horror and SciFi.

Lana stands for the adults segment of the book trade for thrilling literature, phantasy, ghosts, sophisticated eroticism and romanticism, and selected non-fiction. Although she also enjoys to read about US sub-cultures, she has a special liking for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Before she joined Chalberg & Sussman, Lana administered overseas at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth, where she compiled a roster of young mature and mature writers.

Wicked Like a Wildefire, published by Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins, is also the writer. I' m looking: Soumeya searches for literature and fine art literature, but also presents real young adults and high school. It enjoys living voiced volumes and gripping, well-developed narrative styles, and is particularly interested in stories of those with colour and fantasy that reflect the post-colonial age.

She is currently looking for short films in closed spaces, stylised genres (especially thrillers and tension), books settled in other lands or interspersed with travelling features, familiar tales, historic tales (especially those that are connected to the present), candid, up-to-date, politically loaded shots of the local narrative and unorthodox romanticism.

She searches in non-fiction primarily for ideas - or voice-controlled memoir, essays and accessible narratives of all kinds: political, contemporary affairs, pop cultural (especially everything that is concerned with subculture - the more minutes the better), unorthodox busines, populary studies, adventures, psychology and more. They also represent hands-on articles in the fields of cookery, designing, craftsmanship, horticulture, travelling and outdoor, humour, healthcare and education.

Bendimerad Roberts joins Hannigan Salky Getzler in 2017 as agency and rights director. She' s the last female operative at Writers House. After her move to New York, she worked as a scouts for Sanford Greenburger Associates and reported on the US literature market for international publishers.

After joining the Susan Golomb Literary Agency, where she was active as Human Liberties Director, she began to represent customers. At the SGLA she was responsible for secondary copyrights for bestselling writers such as Jonathan Franzen, Rachel Kushner, William T. Vollmann. I' m looking: I like to look at everything, but I am especially looking for story books; story; recent happenings.

I am also looking for mid-range and picture-book articles. New Leaf Literary's Janet Reid is an operative. It specialises in storytelling articles for children and grown-ups; and convincing detective stories. Ms. Reid is a member of the Frahlingen AAR; associated member of Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers and Sisters in Crime. Reid is a member of the AAR.

It is a member of Biographer's Interna-tional Organization, the American History Association and The Author's Guild. I' m looking: Currently Stacy is looking for fictional literature and women's literature, especially tales with an internatinal background, singular sub-cultures, historic clues, magic realisticism and mighty females. She is interested in presenting noteworthy memoir, humour, narratives, detective journalists and pre-scriptive books with compelling plattforms on the non-fiction page.

On the whole, she is attracted to everything that has an interest in societal equity, a convincing storytelling tone and/or a great grasp of humour. She has been an operative at Writers House since 2011. It covers a broad spectrum of styles, from fictions in literature, history and the upper echelons to memoirs, narratives and platform-driven non-fiction books.

I' m looking: She is particularly interested in fictional literature that deals with contemporary affairs and multi-cultural themes; obscure psychothrillers, cosy enigmas, fictional books, and home tension. Natanya would like to find writers with powerful writing tools for non-fiction who focus on the natural world, the individual intellect, women's questions or game. She is an agency with Frahlingur Nancy Yost and head of the department of digital law.

I' m looking: Monika's interests cover literature, business literature and convincing non-fiction in the fields of nutrition, populism, journalists, academia and contemporary art. Particularly enthusiastic about action-oriented literature, creative-critical non-fiction books, singular prospects, a great cookery book and above all inventive essays. She is Frahlingin with Curtis Brown, Ltd.

A Columbia Publishing Course alumnus, she worked at Trident Media Group and InkWell Management, where she worked in close collaboration with some of the world' premier authors of modern music.

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