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"...Marie Lamba, Frahlingin." A literary agent for memoirs, true history and autobiography.

Memoirs are a simple market (so to speak). -Arielle Datz, Dunow, Carlson, & Lerner Frahlingur. She seeks essays, unconventional memoirs, pop culture and sociology in non-fiction.

Agent Match and its use

Memoirs are a simple business (so to speak). Stage one is to be a famous person. If you are not able to finish Stage 1, it can be a bit more difficult. For one thing, you must almost certainly have been part of something very special. Non my-friends-think-it's-amazing notable, but the kind of notable that will handle and keep the interest of consummate aliens, such as Wild from Cheryl Strayed.

There' re a lot of memoir-loving operatives, and you won't want to talk to everyone. AgentMatch allows you to choose by category (e.g. memoirs), but also by the agent's degree of expertise, his hunger for new customers and much more. We have a fully developed search engine and it is really very simple to use.

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Additional agencies and writers can be added at a later date - please visit us more often. Comment on the Agent, Laurie McLean's definitions of the genre: What used to be referred to as urbane imagination is now referred to as contemporaneous imagination or rather it''modern fantasy''. Initially, the city was misnamed (some of them appeared outside the cities) and the game of thrones became extremely well known.

None of the editors would even look at an urbane imagination. That'?s what the feds now call them modern phantasy stories. It seeks sophisticated, literary and female literature, historic literature, enigma, suspense, thriller, sci-fi, most fantasies except para-normal, romanticism when an item or sub-genre, and all YA and mid-range fi lm styles.

She' s especially looking for tales of #ownvoices writer and writer with marginalised or under-represented background. Fantasy (Dark, High/Epic, Urban[no para-normal please], Historical Fantasy), Historical, Literary, Mainstream, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction (All Types), Thriller (All Types), Women's Fiction, Medium Degree (Upper Medium Grade), YA Fantasy, YA Literary, YA Mainstream, YA Mystery/Suspense, YA Romance (If various Charaktere, #ownvoices Autoren, LGBTQ), YA Science Fiction und YA Thriller.

She has a life-long passion for history and narratives, making her search for the kind of book that transports her to the core of history that much that she is forgotten where she is and loses sight of reading it. She has since supported a wide range of literature for adults, kids, cooking textbooks and even life-style.

It looks forward to establishing long-term, cooperative relations with its writers and is interested in a large number of books for adults and kids as well as historic non-fiction books. Prior to her entry into the literature scene, she obtained her M.A. in Mediaeval Studies with a special emphasis on mediaeval England. Mainstream, Mystery/Suspense (Cozy), Science Film ( " Space Opera "), Science Film ( " Women's Film Opera "), Women's Film, Book Length Projects (Biographie, Geschichte), Middle Grade, YA Fantasy, YA Historical, YA Mainstream, YA Mysstery & Suspension, YA Science Film (" Space Opera "), YA Book Length Projects (Biographie, Geschichte), YA Thriller und YA Book Length Projects (Biographie, Geschichte).

Crawford stands for fictional literature, high conception YA and storytelling non-fiction. She is looking for journalists on the environment and sciences, ecologic memoirs and feministic and queeric music.

Eaglin became a frehling with The Cheney Agency in 2012. Started his publisher careers as an editor at Basic Books before working as an agency at The Wylie Agency. A graduate of Duke University in English language and literature, he earned an MBA in English Language and literature from Boston University. It presents a series of fictions and non-fiction books, among them historical, political, contemporary affairs, storytelling, biography, memoirs and populist studies.

Historical, literature, essays & articles, book projects (biography, event, pop culture & humor, science & nature) and memoirs. Mrs Eisenmann is an employee of Frahlingur Frances Goldin. It presents mature and sophisticated literature, but also non-fiction such as stories, memoirs, culture critique, essays, history and biographies with a surprise perspective.

She is particularly fond of works that revolve around privacy and its dissatisfaction, tales of possession and narrative that deal with our present world. She has been Associate Literary Manager at Martin Literary & Media Management since graduating.

They represent all kinds of textbooks, but their favourites are textbooks for kids, include storybooks, mid-range and young adults. Childrens, Kinderbilderb├╝cher, Kinderkapitelb├╝cher, Medium grades, YA Fantasy, YA Graphic Novels, YA Historical, YA Horror, YA Inspirational & Spiritual, YA Literary, YA Mainstream, YA Mystery & Suspense, YA Poetry, YA Romance, YA Science Fiction, YA Thriller und YA Book Length Projects (Alle Typen).

As an advocate of literature, business literature and non-fiction, she contributes her experiences as a former acquisition journalist, independent journalist and author to the team.

She is a alumnus of the Humber Creative Book Publishing Program and the University of Toronto, where she specializes in English music. In 2010 she joins The Cooke Agency and is currently Associate Agent for the recently amalgamated Cooke McDermid Agency. Since the founding of the HarperCollins Canada/UBC Prize for Best New Fiction in 2013, she has been a magistrate.

He' s active in the search for groundbreaking and heartbreaking mid and YA tracks in all styles. Rachel searches in non-fiction for narratively inspired memoir, in the adults or young adults category, and for everything that is bizarre and life-affirming. Victress Literary and her Victress Literary staff provide a uniquely personal view of the agent-author relation that specializes in a contemporary yet practical multi-media experience.

She began her professional life after years of supervision by Eric Ruben and being appointed an agent with The Ruben Agency in 2017. Apart from storybooks and machine guns, she's looking for everything. Historical, Horror, Literary, Mainstream, Mystery/Suspense, Romantic (All Types), Science FIction (All Types), Thriller (All Types), Women's Fiction, Book Length Projects (All Types), Memoir, YA Fantasym YA Historical,

For about 40 years, YA Horror, YA Literature, YA Mainstream, YA Mystery & Suspense, YA Romance, YA Sci-Fiction, YA Thriller, Regina Ryan has been the director of her own independant Frahlingur, which deals with articles for adults and young people. Their interests are diverse and ecclectic and cover storytelling, nature studies (especially birds), populary sciences (especially the brain), outdoor, horticulture, women's affairs, education, economics, economy, health, wellbeing, self-improvement, life style, story, eating, travel, folk references and a finite number of memoirs.

Books length projects (biography, cooking, lifestyle, pop culture & humor, science & nature, self-help, sports, women's issues), memoirs ("unusual stories"), children's picture books, children's chapters, middle school and YA books length projects (all types). She holds a Master of Arts from Ryerson University's Literatures of Modernity Programme and a Bachelor's in English from the University of King's College and Dalhousie.

Paige, as a market-oriented readership, is currently looking for both entertaining and meaningful business stories (e.g. Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies and Eliza Kennedy's I Take You) and non-fiction in the fields of life style and healthcare and wellbeing. Historical, mainstream, mystery/suspense (detective), screenplay, thriller (all types), women's literature and memoirs.

and Carlisle Webber is an Fuse Literary bro. It specialises in sophisticated advertising films for kids, adolescents and grown-ups. When your textbook is reading like a Shonda Rhimes show or the reader can leaf through it all dark, she is your agen. She' s looking for all medium class and YA music.

For adults she wants thrillers, mysteries, tension, horrors, female fictions and pop/mainstream-fictions. Since 2006, Paige has also been a founder member of Folio Litho Management, LLC. She is Frahlingin with Curtis Brown, Ltd. A Columbia Publishing Course alumnus, she has worked at Trident Media Group and InkWell Management, where she worked in close collaboration with some of the world' premier authors of modern music.

She is interested in literature and business literature and convincing non-fiction books in the fields of nutrition, popcultures, journalists, sciences and topical issues. Particularly enthusiastic is Monika about action-oriented literature, creative-critical non-fiction books, singular prospects, a great cookery book and above all inventive Prosa. In 1997, she completed her studies at Roberts Wesleyan College with a bachelor's degree in English literature and communication.

Phantasy (All Types), Historical, Horror, Literature, Mainstream, Mystery/Suspense, Romantic (All Types), Science Fiction, Short Fiction, Thriller (All Types), Western, Women's Fiction, YA Fantasy, YA Historical, YA Horror, YA Literary, YA Mainstream, YA Mystery/Suspense, YA Romance, YA Science Fiction, YA Short Fiction, YA Thriller and YA Western.

In 2016 she completed her studies of English with distinction. She is the editor-in-chief of HMH and publishes mid-range and YA-book publications. In the course of her carreer she has worked on everything from illustrated textbooks to non-fiction, although her passion is deeply ingrained in the hearty, funny middle-class notion.

She' s looking for YA in all categories with feminine friends, especially groups of friends, and any range of different types of people. She is also looking for sophisticated grown-up fictions like Sweetbitter or The Girls, with or directed at girls from 20 to 30 years, especially when they do things they "shouldn't"; and choose gruesome (she's quite difficult to scare).

Behler Publications (http://behlerpublications. com/) has been releasing critical memoirs on ordinary individuals who do unusual things because of a central incident that changes their outlook on the world. We' re looking for tales in which the reader says:'I am a better, more contemplative, more intelligent character because I have been reading this work.

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