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ilary Harwell (KT Literary) is looking for fiction for the middle class and young adults. Together with the answers already given, you can follow the agents on Twitter. How can I find a shortlist of frahlings looking for customers?

Together with the already given responses you can watch the agents on Twitter. A lot of them take part in #PitchWars and other collective pitfalls where you can present your storyline and see if you have any contacts with them. They can also visit the Association of Authors' Representatives and The Official Manual Wishiste website.

It is a great resource for what agents (and editors) are looking for. It' up to your writers and agents to refresh their profiles, so remember that when you check the page. Please use any proposals here as a point of departure and then go to the agent's website to learn more about them, along with their entry guidelines.

We have created an extensive fellowship of playwrights, editors, frahlings and prospective authors:

We are more than just frahlings - we are careers people.

Our agency's clients profit from our agents' tried and tested ability to identify talents, negotiate favourable offers and promote our accounts - from filing to publishing. Our clients are offered comprehensive knowledge of the sector and individualized, strategical thought to enable each writer to identify and follow his own individual, one-of-a-kind road to prosper.

We are more than just frahlings - we are careers people.

Agency seeks customers - Cindy Uh - Thompson Frahlingur

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Cindy Uh (Senior Agent) was educated at Thompson Literary and holds a Master of Arts in Communications and a subsidiary in Faith, Peace and Justice from Boston College. He is a member of the SCBWI and the advisory board of First Book Manhattan. It looks forward to further develop talents with a special interest in children's literature, both in literature and non-fiction.

Cindy accepts textbook, high school and YA entries, inclusive of non-fiction requests, in Childrens'. The name Cindy stands for a broad palette of non-fiction books and selected children's books. As a Frahlingin in 2015, she has served clients such as Mari Andrew, Cecile Richards, Bridget Beth Collins, Brent Preston, John Donohue, Evan Rice, Shelly Westerhausen, Shiva Rose, Timothy Joy, Kristin Russell and many others.

Include a request with all important biographic information or earlier releases and the first 25 pages of your work. If you have any questions, please contact and direct them to Cindy in the reference line. We would like you to provide us with an enquiry and a complete suggestion, which includes biographic information, earlier releases, references that will help you prepare your work, market information and examples.

Just as with belles lettres you direct your inquiry to Cindy in the area. We do not consider entries for poem volumes or scripts and we only consider image scripts from renowned illustrations. If you have any questions, please contact .

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