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We are located in Notting Hill, West London. Living in central London or New York is a perfect approach. Rogers, Coleridge & White | Frahlingur Rogers, Coleridge & White has an unsurpassed record of attracting and promoting new talent, representing a wide variety of bestsellers and award-winning creators from around the foreground. We are proud to manage the career of some of today's most accomplished writing professionals, and we are considered one of the world's premier frahlingurs.

We' re home to authors of all kinds, from literary and business literature to mystery and thriller, children's and teenager' literature and all kinds of non-fiction. It works with a number of large UK and US movie and television agencies that help us get our authors' works on the big screens.

We are located in Notting Hill, West London. It was founded in 1967 by Deborah Rogers, later Pat White and Gill Coleridge, who founded Rogers, Coleridge & White together. In 2006, the FASFC named Peter Straus as CEO.

FRÄHLINGEN, complete listing

Comprises all Frahlingen currently operating in the United Kingdom. Frahlingen are the doorman, right? There is no large publishing house that will take the work seriously unless it comes about a frahling. Where do I even know which agents to contact? Where can I find a complete listing of frahlings currently adopting new plants in the UK?

However, if you just want to jump directly to our agents lists, you can do so here: Which frahlings should I address? So are agents. We' ll begin with the first part of Grandma's rule: you have to address frailties who want to listen to you.

Which means you want literary agents who: Open for entries in your category. You can either receive welcome entries from new authors or at least be open to large new entries for slush pills. For example, if you are a mystery author and an open-minded editor who greets entries from mystery authors, you must place this editor on your long list.

This is a good place to begin, but the agents aren't very specialized and in most cases your long list will be something like 100+ in name. Use your long list and select all literary agents that you particularly like: There' s two ways to look for literary agents, and none of them are wise.

Agents with the highest profiles have the brightest customer list. This means (a) they probably won't take you in, (b) they probably won't even be reading your work, and (c) even if they did, they would have much less work for you than a newer, more hungry one. Living in the centre of London or New York is a perfect starting point.

clusters of agents in big towns, because those are the publishing houses. They need your agents to be in permanent contact with the publishing houses. They don't need your agents to see you often.

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