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Frahlingen in and around Ireland I' ve already written about Ireland operatives... I am upgrading it with some nicknames you may not have overheard, spies not necessarily resident in Ireland but looking for or having looked for Irish authors in Ireland, as well as one who has asked to be admitted to do so. Addiction - Writer for fiction, non-fiction, children and screenplays.

Frahlingur, evaluation, proofreading, transcription, proofreading, consulting; general literature and non-fiction, preferable by irish writers (home 10%) Will propose a review; contact: MSS in full length (home 100%, USA 15%, translation 20%) literature prefered - thrillers, lrish novels, literature writing, women's books and general advertising. There'?s no nightmares, no sci-fi, no childhood poetry. Commercials and literature, non-fiction, biographies, children's books (UK 15%, Americas 20%, Film/TV 20%).

With a keen interest in Irish authors, she deals with a broad spectrum of business and literature and nonfiction. Her authors are Amanda Brunker, Paul Kilduff, Evelyn Cosgrove, Garbhan Downey and Aine Greaney. Sheila Crowley began her professional life in Dublin before joining Poolbeg in 1991 where she held several senior roles, most recently at Curtis Brown.

It concentrates primarily on women's literature, thriller, minds, bodies, spirits, sports and celebrity literature, children's literature and general non-fiction for the massmarket. Emma Walsh spoke at the Irish Writers Centre in the south. You say you are managing some of the most thrilling new literature talents in Ireland and helping to develop literacy careersĀ around the world.

Walsh Communications Literature Agency was the agent for three top ten best-sellers in Ireland in 2009. E-Mail: Authors RIGs Agency is representing a number of authors for global copyright in Ireland, the UK and the US. At present they focus on imaginative literature of literature of literary value in many forms: literature (contemporary and historic themes), criminality and noirs, phantasy and science literature, women's literature, children's and young people's literature.

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