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Below is a list of publishers and frahlingurs in Ireland. Paul Feldstein, a Frahling in Northern Ireland, is co-founder of the Feldstein agency in Bangor. Provides information on Frahlinguren, magazines and publishers available to authors throughout Ireland.


If you would like more information about writers Inkwell has placed with agents, publishing houses and publishing houses, please click here. So if you are an authorized writer looking for a representative, please submit your suggestion for your NON NICTION projects with the following information: Commercials and literature, non-fiction, biographies, children's books (UK 15%, Americas 20%, Film/TV 20%).

Established in 1996. Preferential are business literature for woman, detective stories and literary literature. Full length MSS (home 10%, USA 15%, translation 20%) literature prefered - thriller, lrish novel, literary literature, women's and general business literature. There'?s no nightmares, no sci-fi, no childhood poetry. BT20 C. U.K. Handling of adults' literature and non-fiction. publishing house for children's literature, schoolbooks, educational manuals, lexicons, music and general adult reading. angesagart. i.e. An Sagart has been a publishing house for folklore, biography, drama, poetry, magazines, literary criticism & history, prose, spirituality and theology since 1958. publishing house for children's literature, schoolbooks, educational manuals, lexicons, music and general adult reading. angesagart. i.e. An Sagart has been a publishing house for folklore, biography, drama, poetry, magazines, literary criticism & story, prose, spirituality and theology since 1958. The Associated Editions are publishing a wide range of titles on topics such as architecture, arts, fine arts, artists' literature, children's literature, design, limited editions, musical and social studies; Lonsdale House, Avoca Avenue, Blackrock, Co.

Dublin; Blackhall Publishers, established in 1997 and located in Dublin, is one of Ireland's premier nonfiction publishers. Their publications include both general publications and scientific works. Accept unwanted scripts. Blackstaff is active in a variety of genres ranging from literature, sports, cooking, travelling and literature. Verlag für Belletristik und Sachbücher. he Cló Iar-Chonnachta was established in 1985 and has released over 300 works and 160 musical album.

The most important publicized catagories are Travel/Outdoor, Bio, Archaeology, Geography, Sports, History. You do not produce poems or literature. coumba. ie; . cursorrach. ie Columba's mundane Impressum, publishing a diverse listing of non-fiction books, which includes biographies, histories, sports and lifestyles. com De Barra Publishing is an educative publishing house specializing in literacy and preschooling. publishes Irish and international translations of modern Irish poems since 1985. editco. he publishers of text books for elementary and secondary education in Ireland. Flyleaf Press was established in 1987 and is Ireland's largest specialised publishers of genealogical and familial histories.

Starting from a theological basis, today it produces top-class scientific papers in areas as varied as Celtic Studies, Medieval Studies, Modern History, Arts, Literature and Law. Unexpected scripts will not be admitted. Refer to the website for contacts. Independant record company and publisher (published in English and Irish simultaneously), located in Spiddal, Co.

GALLWAY in the Connemara area, on Ireland's Atlantic coastline. Verlag für zeitgenössische irische Lyrik, Dramatik und Prosa. i. e. Ireland's biggest publishing house, with general interest listings of non-fiction, secundary and third party text. Please take unasked scripts. For more information, visit the website. N Ireland's premier freelance publishing house, Guildhall publishes high calibre literature, books, fiction, literature, scholarly, social, and photo-publishing.

Adopts unwanted scripts. Visit their website for directions. hachette. i.e. one of the premier publishing houses for business literature and non-fiction in Ireland. Unauthorized scripts; not allowed. Belles Lettres and non-fiction: You will be accepting contributions from agents and previously posted writers. For a full summary and bio please contact Hachette Books Ireland, 8, Castlecourt Centre, Castleknock, Dublin 15 or e-mail us at

It is a publishing house for general and regional historical literature. You will find below a shortlist of frahlings in Ireland. Interest in business and literary literature, non-fiction and biographies. Specialist in illustration and literary literature. Favours; female literature for commerce, detective stories and literary literature; also interested in satirical; humor; lifestyles; cooking, romance; chicks' literature; male literature; autobiography; some young adults; some non-fiction.

You do not approve of sci-fi, gruesome, imaginative, poetry, childrens writing, theatre or TV-Scripte. This is a Belfast fashion. org A Belfast journal combining Ireland, E ine Boutique-Literaturagentur. org A Belfast magazine combines Irishmen. Cottages Ltd. cottages publishing. com Published regional magazines and printed works from Ireland and England by cottage publishers. Littleisland is a small newspaper specialized in Icelandic story, life stories, literary stories / Essay, Joyce, literary stories and environmental issues. Littleisland. Little Island releases novels for older kids and young people by Icelandic and foreigners.

  • and the first 3 chapter or 50 pages. releases brief, easy-to-understand guides with the most important information for business people. Specialising in non-fiction, contemporary events and sports for Ireland and the rest of the globe. Letters of literature; please submit a one-page covering note, author's CV, complete with a 200-word bio and 3 consecutive sections (preferably the first three sections) to the above e-mail. From achill island, Musical Ireland will publish a selection of Ireland literature on everything from balls to classical musics for everyone from beginner to experienced musician.

The New Island publishes literature, non-fiction, dramas, poems and the Open Door Serie. Accept unwanted scripts. Mail articles only to New Island Brookside, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14. Ireland's premier freelance publishing house for award-winning children's literature and bestsellers for adults. Accept unwanted scripts. There' s no poetics. The Oak Tree Press provides information, tips and resource for business owners and executives. Oak Tree Press publishes and distributes high standard and interesting, not always majorstream titles.

The Orpen Press is publishing information, practice and relevance related nonfiction on the impact on people's life in Ireland. Our book topics range from the politic to the private. Accept unwanted scripts. Published literature, non-fiction, news. The Royal Ireland Academy is publishing a number of publications with the exact objective of making scientific materials available to a broader audience.

Editor of six scientific periodicals, pioneering serials and books. Accept unwanted scripts. Nonfiction, general academia. Literature publishers specializing in lyric literature from Ireland and abroad. The Munster Literature Centre's publication department is Southword Editions. Among the releases are Southword, a biennial literary magazine, Best of Ireland Poetry (an annual collection of poems) and various translated articles. stingingfly. org In addition to the literary magazine.

Publication of literary literature, special interest in new authors and shorts. Accept unwanted scripts. Shorts and poems are welcome from January to March. uk publishes historic books and provides complete information managment and publication services for the Ulster County.

The UCD Press has published a large number of scholarly publications reflecting the excellency of modern world science. Accept unwanted scripts. Unveils a range of publications including textbook on religion, resource such as the Ireland Catholic Directory and literature on divinity, religious beliefs, counseling and society. An Masthead of Merlin Publishing. Founded in 1974, produces high value literature of interest to Ireland. Independent publishing house located in Galway since 2006.

Publishing literature, lyric and non-fiction. Published also by his Impressum and Crannóg Literary Magazine produced House 36.

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