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Browse or search our list of Frahlinguren in Indianapolis, Indiana by category. This is a full-service frahlingur that actively looks for submissions. Above Her B.A. from Indiana University's College of Arts and Sciences and a degree in high school from Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Prior to the agency's opening, she spent eleven years teaching at high school. After seeing a void in the US business, Tracey chose to continue her Frahlingin carreer.

Craig Wiley Agency

Creww Wiley is a matchmaker. Who? But most of all, he likes to bring them all together. After several years in the printing business, Craig established The Craig Wiley agency. His last position was as a frehling for a renowned California based company. Prior to that, he worked in the law practice of another highly acclaimed firm, where he spent most of his working hours bargaining for author's work.

His experiences as an author's representative all came after a long lasting policy careers in which he negotiated almost everything, BUT he signed accounts. By the end of a stay in Washington, D.C., Craig chose to watch the realm of policy rather than be a musician. Always interested in reading and writing, the publisher became his ideal play area.

He works mainly with writers of literature on political, contemporary, religious life and inspirations, sport, journalism, economics and cultural work. Craig's overriding aim in literature is to improve the value and not just the volume of works that are being marketed to the people. Besides his work as a frahling, Craig occasionally wrote his own things.

He has worked as a ghost writer on several of his clients' books and co-authored Walter & Me: standing in the shadow of sweetness with Eddie Payton and Paul Brown. Craig likes to play percussion, play ball, read and spend quality leisure activities with his spouse Darcy, his boy Elliot and his two girls Farah and Gracia.

Together with Craig, Darcy is a book author and aficionado.

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