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A 20-year old amusement vet, Jean Sagendorph's award-winning work has included many New York Times best-sellers. Ms. Henning has been with United Media for more than fifteen years, where she led the company's publications, interactivity, film as well as musical activities. In addition, she has been a lecturer at major trade conferences such as Comic-Con, NXNE, Crossroads, Activison/Atari Global Sales Meeting, Blogher, DFW Writers Conference, Undercurrents and others.

She' s the writer of Starry Night, Running Press's Starry Night and Chronicle's Icebox Cakes (April 2015). She is an agency and has a wide range of interests representing writers from the entire range of children's writing, from illustrative blackboards and storybooks to novice novels and non-fiction.

Beginning her journalistic careers as a reporter and later as an editorial assistant for Deseret Morning News in Salt Lake City, Utah. She then moved to a co-editor role at Gibbs Smith, where she published books on a wide range of subjects that included children's activities, humour, gifts, cookery books and life in the countryside.

She has a combination of expertise in the publishers business and is a blessing to the writers she represent as she is able to lead them through the various phases of the release, although her great passion is young adults who write. Considering herself an internatinal rover and travelling the globe whenever she has the opportunity, Utah becomes her home.

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