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Frahlingen in Maryland

A JESSICA REGEL Frahlingin at Foundry Media WWW. Sha Sha-Shana Crichton (Crichton & Associates), Deborah Grosvenor (Grosvenor Frahlingur) and Laura Strachan (Strachan Frahlingur). You' re in a great place. In Maryland, many people are first class and know exactly what you need to print your texts.

The Hartline is one of the most established Frahlinguren for the general and inspiration book market.

2047 Conference Agent and Editorial Profile

Dealing with young adults and medium-sized textbooks, as well as literature and non-fiction for adults. She is a book that presents memoirs and popular art, with an accent on women's opinions, humour or individual theme stories that would address a feminine public. They also represent children's articles and YA memoirs.

Jess is passionately interested in exploring obsessive, infectious and imaginative work. She is particularly interested in textbooks that are "conversation starters", novelists who bridging the literary-commercial gap and combine a conceptually strong storyline with fine script and language-driven comedy. Attracted by coming-of-age tales, challenging women's fictions, charm and stylised romances, atmospherical magic realisticism, sinuous and curvy tension and cross-genre literary notion.

She' s not looking for fictional genres like high fantastic, sci-fi, romantic, western, chic lite, cosy secrets, etc. Born in Iowa, Jess worked in her community when she was hired by Frahlingur Jean V. Naggar and packaged for New York City. For eleven years she worked for the Naggar agency before joining the foundry in 2013.

Frahlingin Anna Sproul-Latimer has been part of Ross Yoon's family since 2005. Specialising in non-fiction of all types, she particularly enjoys working with curious customers: discovering new horizons, discovering secret societies and building new relationships with an excitement so contagious that the public has already started to give thought.

She participates in literary exhibitions and talks at writers' meetings throughout the whole nation and the whole wide globe. During her free times she enjoys editing and ghostwriting for the female life style press. Graduated from Columbia University with a BA and a Master's in English Language at Oxford. She has been an associated agency with The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency since 2012.

Prior to this, she worked at Frahlingur Marianne Strong as a corrector and specialist marketing and editing assistent. Nadine holds a degree in literature and dance from Sarah Lawrence College. As an enthusiastic readership, Roseanne found her love of books during her work experience with W. W. Norton, and she works as a novelist, journalist and author.

Books of non-fiction: But I like narratives, selected memoirs, sciences (popular or commercial, non-academic), story, religious (non-inspiring), travelling, humour, food/cooking and similar topics. Notion: Fiction: I am looking for a powerful literary rhetoric that emphasises craftsmanship and styles in equal measure and does not give up storyline and personality for nice phrases; young adults of all styles; very selectively rich in every kind of literature that links me to a powerful protagonist; sci-fi and imagination; fraudulent tales, especially with arts, jewellery and technology; and clever crime thrillers (more Sherlock Holmes than cosy secrets).

Before he joined L. Perkins, he worked at Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of the much-loved videogame franchise StarCraft, Blizzard Entertainment, and the Diablo franchise. He is an active client in both literature and non-fiction. As a fictional artist, he acquires sci-fi, phantasy, horror and thriller, especially cyber punk and neo-noir, as well as unique deconstructionist works.

Maximilian seeks populist studies, real criminality and art and trend literature in emerging areas and culture for non-fiction. Over and above in the lawsuit of commerce his business interest on individual case, he awareness he has won the one non-material one, which can be the most cardinal skill of any product application -- the cognition to insight and body advantage product (I person not yet publicized a injustice one), locomotion them correctly in the class and predicting their happening.

A keen book lover with a troubled, curious spirit. Writer at Raw Dog Screenaming PressWWWWWW.RAWDOGSCREAMING. A cofounder of Raw Dog Screenaming Press, COMJennifer Barnes has published many of the RDSP publications, among them a Penn Oakland Awards and three Bram Stoker Awards laureates. During her four years as an editorial journalist for The Dream People Literary Magazine.

She holds a BA in English and a major in Literature from the University of Maryland. Writer at Intrigue PublsihingWWWWW.INTRIGUEPUBLISHING. He has published his shorts in several scholarly publications, among them the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association Top Ten bestseller for 2008, and he is represented in the American Mystery Writers nominee by Edgar:

He is also editor-in-chief of Intrigue Publishing, a small Maryland newspaper, and works with its writers to enhance their work. Writer, publisher and writer, John Edward Lawson lives in the Maryland outskirts of Washington, DC. Writer of 16 literature and poetic works and a number of chapooks.

In 2001 John won the Fiction International Emerging Writers Competition; in additon to the Stoker and Wonderland Awards for Bizarro Fiction, the Dwarf Stars Awards, the Elgin Awards, the Pushcart Prize and the Rhysling Awards are also nominated. He is also a founder publisher of Raw Dog Screaming Press.

For four years he was editor-in-chief of the on-line magazine The Dream People for bizarre literature and lyric. Currently he is Vizepräsident of Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Intrigue.

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