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The Erin Murphy Literary Agency is a leading American children's book agency based in southern Maine. asylum Beginning in fall 2018 Ron Currie, Jr. will conduct a literature workshops, Caitlin Shetterly will conduct memoirs and Megan Grumbling will direct poesies...

The entries for her second volume of Maine Frauen's poems have been published! Announcement of the winner will take place on June 14th at the SPACE Gallery in Portland city centre.

There will be an open door at 6 p.m. and the service starts at 7 p.m. There will be hours d'oeuvres, a pub and a bookstore will be present at the service to sale the finals.

encircle releases

MWPA owed its livelihood to the Maine publishers: in 1975 it was a small group of small printing machines that merged to create MWPA. Even today Maine is still full of thrilling, small, independent balers. ENCRIRCLE Publications started more than two centuries ago as a services company for freelance writers and small publishing houses.

At the end of 2016, we had the chance to work with an incumbent group of accomplished enigmatic writers and began the re-branding of our new company in the field of commercial and historic photography, focusing on the genre of enigma and historic film. Whilst we continue to supply high-quality volumes of poems, we try to create a varied catalogue of popular literature from renowned and acclaimed writers in a wide range of different sizes to which the reader can always come back and choose.

As a partner for our clients, we are committed to our work. Dedicated to challenges and growing, we always deliver high standard literature by highly readable author. The Goose River Press is proud to be representing some of the best creators and editors working today.

Thirty two years of expertise in the field of printing ensures that your work receives high value designs, high value products and comprehensive sales. About the Goose River Press Goose River Press is a traditionally full-service publisher, so we can make sure your work gets the value it merits. The Goose River Press works with Ingram, Barnes & Noble, and many other U.S. and international publishers to make your titles available.

Alternatively, Goose River Press can also offer paid editorial, print and advertising at a very reasonable price. Icelandport celebrates its 15 years of existence in 2014 with the release of over 100 volumes. Icelandport is a vibrant, award-winning publishing house devoted to New England's essential and sensitive story.

Just-write Belgium based in Topsham, Maine, produces a few novels every year - literature, non-fiction and poems - by Maine writers who tell Maine tales. You can find our products in a number of bookshops and specialist stores as well as in our on-line bookshop. A graduate in science, a talented designer and a life-long careers in the fields of media, advertising, marketing and PR, Nancy E. Randolph is the editor of Just Write School.

Just Write offers a high class service in terms of contents and designs and a wide range of promotional opportunities to get your copy into the reader's hand. Much of the literature that Just Write has released has been very well reviewed. So if you have a work you think suits our other works, give us a call or send us an e-mail to begin a discussion.

Littoral School was founded in 1975 by members of the Portland Women's Group and was devoted to the search and publication of works by Maine female masters. Nowadays, Littoral in 2017 is a publishers of top class literature in a wide range of categories by extraordinary authors and performers, regardless of their sex or place of living.

We at Littoral Books are proud to be one of the founding members of MWPA. The Maine Author's Publishers is a new way of working in the free media. We aim to provide access to accessible editorial, print, design, commercial catalogue, sales and market research resources to help our clients throughout the entire publication lifecycle.

Maine Review is issued twice a year and contains literature, non-fiction and poems by leading and aspiring poets. and New England here at North Country Press. We' re fortunate with astonishing creators who have provided a multitude of works. This is a book for those from 9 to 99....who like Maine...New England...and a great reading!

We' d like you to buy these for yourself, your buddies and your loved ones who either lived in this beautiful part of the globe, came to New England or have always wanted to come here. Through the pages of all our textbooks we hope to offer you an interesting experience! Maine writers who celebrate the unique nature of our area are at the core of Penobscot Buch, a department of Penobscot Bay Press and Stonington.

Each year we produce several volumes in accordance with the holiday time. You can find our products in bookshops and other places throughout Maine and New England, as well as giftshops in Acadia National Park, on our website, in our office and on

For a full listing of available wholesalers and retailers, please see When we decide not to post under Penobscot Books' masthead, we will work with writers to post and promote them ourselves if they so wish. Our production of literature changes our patrimony, our creativity and our democracies.

Our aim is to improve the way we live through writing and the arts. Since 1998 we have been producing high-quality culturally significant publications with over 70 publications distributed worldwidely. Notice of Solon Center for Research and Publish, a non-profit 501(c)3 Maine public-benefit corporation, in 2015.

Snake is an independant Maine Verlag. Snake is devoted to the needs of new contributors who are trying to go through the publication and commercialization proces. SNNITCH has a wide variety of publications and is currently quoted in most large bookstores. We aim to successfully launch and commercialize a new generation of novelists devoted to the development of a new generation of literature and non-fiction.

This is a book by a group of artists who have shared a singular view of Maine and the New England cultur. Embodying a spirit of the times, he embodies a new literary revolution, personalized, imaginative overture, and inventive storytelling that does not imitate the usual formula-driven world. Snake is also a publishers' support for contributors working to prevent the traps of publication.

The Tilbury House Publishers is an independently owned publishing house established more than forty years ago. Both the Maine and New England Art, as well as literary, historical, marine and naturopathic articles have been added by the media to its in-depth listing of home, gardens and marine articles. We have been building an award-winning collection of children's illustrated textbooks since the 1990' that emphasize culture, societal equity and a sense of globality.

This and our non-fiction for kids and young people challenges young people to get involved, ask questions and introduce themselves. Conceived for the bookshops, our children's literature often includes spine material and additional reading guidebooks for at home and in the schoolroom.

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