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Frahlingen Atlanta - Authors Fair It' a good idea to look at your write objectives and find a frahling. Attlanta has many great poets looking for top frahlings, but do you know who can comprehend your work? Have a look at the Writer's Markets and see why publishers everywhere have begun their trip here.

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Literature Agents

Langton's International Agency: Langton's International Agent is a multimedia literature and licence agent specialising in the field of cartoon, photographic and illustration arts, as well as literature, non-fiction and children's literature. Langton's International Agencies are also engaged in publishing illustrated literature packing and publishing license programmes. Reception of all types of fiction/diction.

Submit inquiry! Please submit a summary and your paper or some example sections to A small company interested in literature, children's literature, self-help. We kindly ask you to please sent 3 samples and letters by e-mail only. They represent non-ficiton writers who create major publications, but the main focus of the company is on biographical celebrities, both authorised and non-authorised.

The Annette Green Authors' Agenty- The company was established in 1998 and has a good name for the discovery of first-time writers, although we also deal with high-volume literature, some fictional genres and a whole series of non-fiction books. Customers are Justin Hill (winner of the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize 2003, plus Betty Trask Award), Bill Broady, Nick Barlay, Maria McCann, Owen Sheers, Ian Marchant and Meg Cabot (bestselling writer of The Princess Diaries).

It is a partner, the two are Annette Green and David Smith. Our work does not involve drama screenplays, poems or children's illustrated novels, but rather children's and youth literature as well as a whole series of adults' and non-fiction novels. The first part of the book contains a summary and example chapter plus s.a.e. A full-service frahlingur that represents writers of smart, mature non-fiction literature.

Tennyson Agency: Accept most types of folk literature and non-fiction. Promising question askers will be approached and asked for a summary of no more than four pages and three example sections to review. London' Frahlingur for cinema, TV and theater, who represents playwrights (and playwrights who also direct) with unmistakable and inventive parts.

The Caroline Sheldon Literature Agency is one of the UK's premier frahlingures and represents a bestseller list of customers.

We are particularly interested in literature, all kinds of children's literature and non-fiction literature, especially mankind' histories and memoir. Covering the subjects of life and auto biographies, movies and theater, literature (both qualitative and commercial), literature, historical, legal and criminal, political and international events, psychology and sports. Particular interests: all kinds of personal notebooks and literature by young authors (i.e. under 40 years of age) with a futur.

For literature, non-fiction, TV and movies. Especially interested in powerful merchandising and literature clich├ęs. Do not send unasked mail; contact by mail primarily with synopses and the first three sections plus returns shipping. Covering all types of literature, from genres to literature; a wide variety of specialized and general non-fiction and screenplays for TV, television, broadcast and cinematography.

Unauthorized wss welcome, but first character with synopses and first two sections prefered. Treats literature and non-fiction. Particular interests: criminality and women's literature. Written first and foremost; submit a summary and two example sections with s. a. e. Deals with nonfiction and nonfiction. Written procedure with publisher's story, curriculum vitae, summary, three sections and S. a. e. for restitution.

Processes literature and business literature as well as serious, nonfiction. Covering literature and non-fiction, includes archeology, literature, architecture, arts, aesthetics, biography, cooking, arts and craft, designs, fitness, horticulture, healthcare, history, medical sciences, literature, music, nature, encyclopedia, science, self-help and guides, TV connections. Authors should submit a first cover note with information about the work, which includes the first 50 pages of their novel, along with their CV and returns credit.

Discusses full-length female and full-length male and female commercials; specialties include females (including contemporaries and sagas), criminality and thriller; fear, sci-fi and phantasy. Please only send me an introduction with an overview and the first section (with back postage). It deals with literature and non-fiction, modern literature, children's literature, poems for the literature markets. Covers a broad spectrum of topics such as literature, general non-fiction, children's literature and related intellectual property titles (including multimedia) as well as movie, theater, television and radioscripts.

Sketch for non-fiction and brief summary for literature with two or three example sections and autobiographic notation. Discusses fictionalism for adults, especially history, ghosts, criminality and mothers. Even fictional literature. Not an unasked message; please write a cover note and a brief (one-page) summary (see also essential). This is a small specialist non-fiction translation company proud to work in close collaboration with its writers.

Discusses autobiography, story and populture, references, economy, horticulture, minds, body and soul, self-help, well being. Do not leave an unasked message; please reply to the message, summary and example section with cf. above. It deals with literature and general literature, non-fiction and biographies. Please write a cover note with the first three sections. It deals with literature (general and literary) and general non-fiction.

Not an unasked message; first character and summary preferable. Processes literature and non-fiction; TV and movie script only for writers. Unasked wss welcome; please mail me plus summary and two first level sections; see substantial. Processes full-length literature and non-fiction. Interest criminality, tension, thriller, fictional literature and commerce, policy.

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