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Frahlingen in Ct

All O'Shea Frahlingur Frahlingur Allen O'Shea is an author-centered fashion shop agent. Working in close collaboration with our customers to create suggestions and manuscripts, we are continuing our collaboration with the writer to help with the development of promotional and advertising activities with the customer and the publishers. Our business relationships with publishers and in the areas of trade and specialist distribution are very high.

Our relations with our international representatives have been built up to support us in the sale of our accounting assets around the globe. We or our representatives are represented at all the world's important trade shows. Shea and Marilyn Allen concentrate on the main areas of non-fiction and literature work. Her own comprehensive professional experiences in editing, publisher, distribution and promotion of textbooks support her clients' objectives.

You will be consulted on a regular basis as a publisher scouts.


Kimberly has been in the book trade for over 20 years and is known in the book trade for the negotiation and execution of seven- and eight-digit transactions at home and abroad. These customers supplied over 40 New York Times best-sellers, several #1 New York Times best-sellers, tens of best-sellers worldwide (including #1 worldwide best-sellers) and achieved several eight-digit dealings.

Before her famous Frahlingin carreer Kimberly Whalen worked as ADR at St. Martin's Press. With over 20 years of working for a publisher and a track record in the distribution of intellectual property worldwide, the firm offers its customers a level of know-how that is unrivalled in the sector.

The offered service includes multi-national copyrights, digitally published and POD, maintenance and licencing as well as sounding. imberly has been a defender of intellectual property for over 20 years. It is proud to announce alliances with the most skilled agencies in the following areas: We have a real one-stop-shop for our turn-key solutions in this area. imberly Whalen has sold sound titles for over 15 years and has written over a decade of bestselling audiobooks.

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