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Frahlingen in California

View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best women in Los Angeles, CA. The Veritas is a full-service agency representing literary fiction and non-fiction of all kinds. Margaret McBride Margaret gathered eight years of book and magazine business before founding her own San Diego based office in 1980. Her work included positions in the Random House and Ballantine Books sales divisions in New York. She later became a Director of Publicity bei Warner Books et Director of Publicity, Promotions and Advertising bei Pinnacle Books.

In addition, she is a member of the La Jolla Playhouse Board at the University of California at San Diego. Previously, Margret was a member of the Library Board of the University of California at San Diego, and under her five-year leadership, the UCSD Writers Conference drew a prestigious group of publishing houses, writers, agents and internat.

Margret's first breakthrough as Frahlingin began in 1981 with the sales of the New York Times bestselling book THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson M.D., which has been an internationally best-seller for over 30 years. She is interested in a broad spectrum of business literature and non-fiction, especially historic literature, medicinal tension, juridical mystery novels and tales with strongman.

She is interested in non-fiction, including biography and memoir, travelling, history, economics, self-promotion, self-confidence, and economics, especially enterprise, economics and managerial. She' also has a soft spot for commercial parabolas. She is responsible for the communication between publishing houses, writers and the agencies and provides connection, consistency and logistic for Ms. McBride. Michelle holds a BA in Fine Arts from San Diego State University.

He is interested in both commercially and commercially relevant literature and non-fiction. Fictive interests are YA, fictional speculation, business imagination, female destiny, historic destiny, sci-fi, para-normal, unorthodox Western and all with singular, well-drawn figures and a deep or fancy grasp of comedy. She is interested in popular literature, books on popular art, literature, music, stories, storytelling, health, inspiring (but not spiritual) and highly esteemed narratives. 300w, 401w, 640w" title="Bay area literary agents, West Coast literary agents, San Francisco literary agents, California literary agents" width="400">">a>Was wir suchen - wir suchen -

Sectors of definitive interest are - literary open mind clich├ęs, historic and exciting fictions with a literary inclination beyond the literary category, novel with a magic realisticism and/or a multi-cultural elements, novel narratives such as memoirs, journals, unusual guidebooks, populary studies, psychology and society, women's affairs, new educational concepts, cuisine.

We do not advocate genres like fiction, romances, sci-fi and fantaisy, western, animation and graphics, mystic. There are no professional publishing houses for scientific or technological literature. We also do not edit image- or chapterbooks for the youth markets (unless the authors are also authors of adults' literature in which we are interested).

We' re not looking for a book, humour or instruction. We only use scripts, not scripts.

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