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Our clients gain an experienced business partner with a competent agent at their side, who strategically accompanies every step of their career. Find out why a one-on-one conversation with a friend offers you the opportunity to present the idea of your book in a short but very concentrated conversation. Jana VanDyke Agency is looking for scripts Visit our website for all our past events! We are all looking for a representative for these screenplays and some of us have wished for years that an agent here in Atlanta would open a script department and give us a chanc. Jana VanDyke has recently started to find and promote authors in Atlanta (and beyond).

It' s brand-new and will take some patience, but that's a big move to get more attention from the area. To find out what the company is looking for, hear this story. Did you miss an episode? Movie Bar Monday night (7/10) is in the Joystick Gamebar.

Verify for all deadlines and time! Receive a break-down of Linda Burns' movie operations this Saturday at Lovett School with the 101 Movie School! Actor, do you need footage in Atlanta? Take a look at the big red-cape play - a brief play by Brendon Murphy, a red-hot production company.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to keep an eye on the progress of single entries, but we will contact you if we are interested in a representative. Upon receiving it, we will examine the new talents once a quarter. 3. Contact a number of professionals to find the right look for the game.

Attach your contacts and e-mail addresses to your documents. Please call our offices with your queries, which can be found on our website or on the FAQ page. Send anything other than the required material. Bring your material to our offices. Spend your time by shipping your preferred post, UPS or FedEx. Default mails do the same thing.

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If you are trying to publish your script, it is often an advantage to have an agen at your side. Not only do they have links within the publishers' business, they also see literally a hundred suggestions a year, which gives them a better outlook, what is going to be sold and what is not. Some of the best resource for searching for an agency is the Guide to Literary agents, who used the scriptures for searching for representational heck, it helps me to find and landing my agency.

Featuring pinpoint advices on how to get close to the query, it has more than 500 agency entries, which include the type of book they're looking for, how each of them wants you to publish it and much more. Chuck Sambuchino, journalist at GL, gives you an insight into his own GL Awareness Blog by publishing his favorite new agency warnings and highlights emerging and recently transferred to a new agency.

There are five operatives he's introduced who want to hire new writers: She' s looking for: Her first passion is YA- from High Fantasy to Paranormal to Contemporary- she likes all young adults. Learn more about Brittany and how you can apply to it.

She' s looking for: just grown-up literature. In particular she is looking for romanticism, sci-fi, thriller, action/adventure, historic westerns, phantasy (think Song of Fire and Ice or Dark Tower, NOT Lord of the Rings or chronles of Narnia). She' s looking: Literature Diction, Historic Diction, Mystery/Suspense, Magic Reality, Psychologic Thriller, Young Adults (realistic) and Narrative Articles.

And Jordy's looking: Britany's looking: She' s looking for historic notions, modern romance and city fantasies. Learn more about Jordy and Brittany and how you can apply to them. She' s looking for: sci-fi, phantasy and mystery - and is particularly interested in discovering works that connect creative elements of all three of them.

If you have more information about literary agencies, I strongly suggest you check the Guide to Literary Agents blog and a copy of the 2013 Guide to Literary Agents. They are both invaluable assets and without them I might never have been able to get my sales representative on the ground (or close a bookstore).

NOTICE: Agent Andy Scheer was initially involved, but is no longer looking for new customers, so please no materials in his own way.

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