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Jana VanDyke Agency is looking for scripts Visit our website for all our past events! We are all looking for a representative for these screenplays and some of us have wished for years that an agent here in Atlanta would open a script department and give us a break. Jana VanDyke has recently started to find and promote authors in Atlanta (and beyond).

It' s brand-new and will take some patience, but that's a big move to get more attention from the area. To find out what the company is looking for, hear this story. Did you miss an episode? Movie Bar Monday night (7/10) is in the Joystick Gamebar.

Verify for all deadlines and time! Receive a break-down of Linda Burns' movie operations this Saturday at Lovett School with the 101 Movie School! Actor, do you need footage in Atlanta? Take a look at the big indigenous theatre show "The Red Cape" - a brief play by the indigenous producers Brendon Murphy.

Watch the film on!

2-3 November 2018 Atlanta Writers Conference - Conference Agents & Authors

Writers and agents below have specified the genre they are trying to purchase or substitute in their own words, and they often point to certain categories that they are not looking for in order to reduce ambiguities. As well as reviewing this information, you should also check the agency/publisher's website, conduct an online interview quest with them and/or what other agents, writers and writers have posted about them, and make sure they suit their taste and attitude.

Any meeting, some attendees are disillusioned because they have been paying to get a review from an agency or journalist who is not interested in their particular music. The biographies of the agents and journalists should be thoroughly reviewed, researched and selected accordingly. If you want one or two script reviews and pitch(s), make sure you choose a different agent/editor for each of them.

Don't spend your time seeing the same individual for a review and a vote, because both have the same purpose: to present the agents or editors to you and your work. It is still a chance, the same agents or editors from whom you get a review (just as it is a chance to get two reviews or two jumps with the same person), because if that individual is interested in the first one, he or she will want to concentrate on this one with you instead of tackling two at the same time.

When agents and writers are open and consider a self-published work for conventional publication, you will see this in their biography below. For a self-released work you want to criticize but are not sure if the agent(s)/editor(s) you have in mind are susceptible, please email Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein at and he will ask for you.

Currently Whitley is looking for the following literature titles and non-fiction: Young-adult (YA) and middle-grade (MG) fairy tales and non-fiction: Though Whitley is open to questions of all kinds of YA and MG-fictions. The book for young people is open to narratives and interesting subjects for kids, MG and YA-goers.

It''Adult fiction: She is NOT interested in romanticism, religious rhetoric, literary rhetoric, sci-fi or adults' fantasies. Adults non-fiction: mma is looking for the following classes in literature and non-fiction: She searches in fiction: She' s looking in the non-fiction:

When Emma is interested in purchasing the scripts of the students, she would give advice on agents for substitution and trial. Before purchasing literary works for Amazon's Lake Union Publishing, Alicia was an editorial secretary at St. Martin's Press for almost four years. Alina is looking for the following in fiction: When Alicia is interested in the scripts of the students, she would give the writer the option of concluding the agreement directly with her or finding a representative to represent and negotiate with.

Copps, literary assistant at Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc. At the moment Elizabeth is looking for the following fictional genres: The grown-up side: She is NOT looking: Her customers are ITW Best First Novel finals LS Hawker and E.Z. Rinksy, Laurie Petrou, Half the World Global Literati Award 2016 finalist, Andy Davidson, a finalist of the Bram Stoker Award 2017 and best-selling writer Carey Baldwin.

Chelsey's catalogue concentrates on modern, high tension, mysteries and detective stories with high literacy and convincing, conceptual conflict with cross-over-potentials. Among the sub-genres of interest are: small-town tension, hobbies, abduction, serial murderers, psychologic and home tension, hedgehog speculation, magic realisticism and horror/supernatural-thriller. She is attempting to purchase the following classes of literature and non-fiction:

She searches in fiction: Erica's looking in the non-fiction: When Erica is interested in purchasing the scripts of the students, she would give advice on agents for substitution and negotiations. For Melanie we are looking for literature and articles for adults in the following categories: I' m a literature writer: It''s in the nonfiction: She' NOT interested in the following literature genres:

She is also NOT interested in these non-fiction books: When Melanie is interested in purchasing a participant's script, she would direct him to a frahling. Vedika searches in fiction: She' s looking in the non-fiction: When Vedika is interested in purchasing a participant's script, she would direct him to a frahling.

She is active in the following areas of fiction: - See A RED PACE by Spencer Ellsworth and MASS EFFECT by Jason Hough as an example. More information about Sara, her customers and recent bookings can be found on the KT Literary and: She is NOT looking for storybooks, chapters, memoirs, non-fiction, self-help, literary diction, business diction or mystery/thriller.

He is looking for young readers: No pre-scriptive articles (cookbooks, diets, instructions, horticulture, etc.) or sci-fi, phantasy or romantic. We are looking for middle class (MG) and young adults (YA) literature as well as selected literature and non-fiction for adults. At YA she would like to find teenage vocals in all styles, although she particularly likes them:

Lauren is looking in Adult: It is also open to singular non-fiction books with an established one. We are NOT looking for the following categories: Romanticism, Women's Literature, Army Sciences or Memoir. First and foremost Brian is looking for fantastic and sci-fi, he is NOT active in the search for the following sci-fi and sci-fi sub-genres at this time:

He is also interested in literature, books clubs and women's literature, and in some cases memoirs, although it is not his main interest. Brian is looking for pre-scriptive non-fiction books and narratives, especially in the areas of non-fiction: Brian will also hear Brian pitch for Belletristic Christians and non-fiction and those who will go well with MacGregor Literary founders and Chip MacGregor Chairman.

Do NOT choose Brian to criticize Christendom script.

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