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BookEnds was established in 1999 and our editors are proud to be an integrated part of the author's editorial group. We are always looking for new materials from released and unreleased writers. In order to contact one of our representatives, please click on his name (highlighted in green).

When the QueryManager window of the sales representative opens in a new dialog box. Book Ends represent a range of styles for grown-ups and kids. Search for our poultry to find out which agencies are best for what you are writing. Book Ends represent fairy tales and non-fiction for an mature public. Our operatives are specialized in romantic, mysterious, suspense, thriller, sci-fi and phantasy, women's literature, historic literature, literatures and sophisticated literature.

We' re also looking for non-fiction books in the areas of memoir, story, food, news, economy and careers, education, popular literature and general non-fiction. BooksEnds Jr., representing literature and non-fiction for the youth, medium and illustrated books market. We are looking for contemporary artists, romantics, sci-fi and phantasy, historic literature, graphical novel, gruesome, thriller and mysterious.

We are looking for storybooks and memoir in non-fiction. Book Ends is not a feature film, poem, screenplay or technical thriller. This is why we ask you to make all entries online via the databank of the Querymanager, where you have the possibility to request the agents that you think best represents your work.

Below are the application forms for each of the agents and a brief explanation of each agent's most recent preference. You will find the terms of application for each of the agents on your application forms. She is looking for entries in the fields of women's literature, literature and sophisticated literature, mysteries, thrillers and tension, inclusive, but not restricted to, psychologic and home tension/thriller, literary and sophisticated mysteries, historic mysteries and cocies.

It also accepts contributions in selected areas of non-fiction, especially from and for the benefit of working with young people, especially in the areas of personality and self-help as well as economics. Your aim for 2018 is to find more different personalities and tales in all styles, especially one tale with a transgenender kid or transgenender protagonists and more LGBTQ personalities in general.

They love tales about their return home, about past trauma, about mother-child tales or simply about moms. She is active in the search for female literature with a singular, vibrant catch. She' s starving to find more #ownvoices in female fantasy, romanticism, tension and young adults, and as an autistic mum she' s particularly interested in discovering more tales with neuro-diverse personalities and those with specific needs.

In terms of tension, Kim's taste tends to be very gloomy and gloomy from both a historic and modern point of view, and she seeks tales that are very atmospherical and with a definite meaning for the place. While Jessica is looking for a broad palette of pre-scriptive and storytelling non-fiction books, she is especially looking for singular, amusing parts (e.g. Mary Roach or Sarah Vowell).

She would like to see more memoir and real crimes, and research and food-related activities. With regard to the fictional, she wants romanticism of all degrees of warmth (including inspiration and categorical romanticism), female dances, mystery, thriller and tension. Jessica is not currently looking for paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy, young adults or children's literature.

Moe' is interested in literature for grown-ups, young grown-ups and the medium class readership. For all subgroups and age groups of scientific literature and imagination, she likes easy-access sci-fi, fanciful imaginary locations and painful heroes. All things m/m and m/f-plus are in between on their grown-up romantic radars - in all degrees of warmth and in every genre, incl. class and single-title romanticism.

It is not well suited for illustrated textbooks through early chapters, modern YA without a powerful romantic elements, female fantasy or inspiring stories. She is looking for textbooks, high school and youth scripts in most styles, among them contemporaries, mystery, thriller, magical realisticism, historic literature, graphical novel and non-fiction.

She is particularly interested in textbooks that make you smile loudly, amusingly or delicately. She is interested in underdog, powerful feminine character and/or untrustworthy storytellers for medium and young adults. It doesn't match YA horniness, real crimes, tough sci-fi or high imagination.

Natasha is looking for textbooks, high school and youth scripts for most styles. Tales of first-geneers are particularly welcome, as they are a first-generation immigrant. Natasha would like to see more fantasy (a great love), more thriller in Mindy McGinnis' The Female of the Species and This Darkness Mine, and more historic fantasy that sheds light on secret characters and times.

She is looking for historic literature, fantasies and bizarre novels (as in The Mortification of Fovea Munson). He is particularly interested in sci-fi, phantasy and YA literature of all subgenres. Loving women-centered tales, she has a great fondness for tales with close friends, found family and different people.

She is most impassioned about variety when it comes to writing different character genres, as distinct from those in which the variety and suppression of the main character is the catch. She' d particularly like to see a phantasy with a handicapped person - where the magical power of the universe works but the handicap does not heal.

But Beth is not well suited for modern YA without a big catch, medium of any kind, noise or tough sci-fi. The name Rachel stands for romanticism for adults, young adults, female fantasy and cosy secrets. She is looking for high-concept histories in romanticism for adults that will set themselves apart in the present world.

For young adults, she wants to study mainly scripts by writers from marginalised societies (but this also holds true for adults' projects). She searches in women's literature for commercially interesting tales with a big catch. It is open to several POV histories as long as the votes are clear. It is not the best choice for inspiring cliché.

Currently Naomi is looking for vibrant, character-based games for the midsize market, adults and young adults in the fields of Fantasy, Sciences and Romantic. Naomi searches for tales in the world of scientific literature that are easy on scientific literature, hard on Fi. Tales that put personality evolution above technique, such as Ender's Game and its sequel to Orson Scott Card, especially the 90s novels (Xenocide; children of the mind; Speaker for the Dead), for focusing on issues that connect people and foreign culture into a coherent world.

Ted Chiang and her counterpiece Arrival's unexpected time/relationship pattern are an example of tales that really astonish and inexorably draw Naomi into the pages. Naomi is looking for new imaginative sets with uniquely magic textures that astonish the viewer and alter the laws he associates with these world.

Melissa Caruso's captivated magician is a powerful example of how globely laws are evolving to be new while maintaining their intimacy with an earth-historical community, with thrilling turns in the way how magick is used and integrated into the universe using lofty, worldly missions. Throughout Romanticism she particularly likes tales that contain variety, with self-confident personalities and a singular, sincere tone that is not shy of showing vulnerabilities, as in Cora Carmack's bookosing It.

She is also looking for mid-range and storybooks with LGBTQ+ and various personalities, especially those that normalise being on/with parents/friends on the range of both sex. They are a plus in all ages and in every genre, especially in adulthood. She is currently searching for mature mysteries, romances, female fictions and challenging comedies. She is enjoying historic fictions in all styles.

During the Romantic era she is particularly looking for various historic works that often investigate forgotten eras such as the America of the 1930s or show us known eras from a different perspective (e.g. South Asians in London during the Regency period). She is most interested in the tales in each of the genres, which convey the readers and offer a totally haunting literary world.

She is interested in nonfiction related literature, fine arts, physical cultures, archeology, food histories and cultural studies. Currently Amanda is not looking for children's literature (YA and below), eroticism, nightmares, tough sci-fi or high-fancy. BookEnd's agent will respond to all entries and requests and hopes to do so in time.

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