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The vote is decisive for YA and MG Historical Fiction. Frahlingen for historical fiction Historic fiction is still a beautifully wealthy and varied part of the fair. The top performers are such outstanding talent as the award-winning Hilary Mantel. As well as the business talent of Kate Mosse and Phillipa Gregory, the bloody or exciting talent of Conn Iggulden and Robert Harris, not to speak of such strange and marvelous things as Victorian-inspired steamunk and even historical eroticism.

While all this indicates (correctly) that historical fiction is a living, smart and living kind of fiction, it also means that finding the right literary spy for your particular novel is potentially more complicated than if you had, say, just written a basic policing procedure. Finally, the Hilary Mantel representative may not be the right man for your steamunk fantasies.

The sheer interest in the story is not enough of a line of connection. Therefore, if you have generated a long list of possible agents, you must screen them. Attempt to find points of communication with agents. This kind of thing gives you subtile supplements to your cover note and can indicate the kind of agents who will like your work.

AgencyMatch offers a complete listing of all British Frahlinguren, with all the detail about which genre they are interested in and whether they are looking for customers or not. If you have a novel to write and are looking for an asset, you've come to the right place. There' re a lot of history-loving agents, and you won't want to talk to everyone.

They can choose by category (e.g. historical), but also by the agent's degree of expertise, his hunger for new customers and much more.

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