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Frahlingen & Consultants Beyond the clutter: truths. Did you always want to know the mystery of how to create a live that you like? Behind the Clouther opens June Saruwatari's house and she opens her mind to unveil the transformational disruption that she has sought as a style, biz and relationships trainer and expert organiser for investors, lawyers, magistrates, lawyers, artists, policy makers, authors, Rabbi, university teachers, physicians, mothers, kids, Hollywood makers and celebs.

It is the secret of your best living to overcome the space of your bodies, minds, souls and hearts and to let go of the disorder inside and outside. This part of her self help textbook, contains a section of chapters on how June vulnerable and mercilessly explores her own inner and outer "stuff" through her own four-fold lense of TruthLoveMeaningPurpose: TRUTH: What is the truth of my present situatio?

OBJECTIVE: What is this for in my lifetime? Fearless, vulnerable and childishly enthusiastic, June digges deeply to reveal the thoughts, emotions, recollections and convictions behind the confusion - and divides efficient ways to recognize both the inner and outer confusion, let it go and make room for wonders.

If you go behind the scenes with June as your leader, you will find that you can best shape your own lives, learning to use your own purpose of TruthLoveMeaning on all the "stuff" of your own lives and to reveal the masterwork of yourself that has always been there.

About Allen O'Shea Frahlingur

She is Frahlingin and co-founder of Frahlingur Allen O'Shea. Her 25 years of distribution and merchandising expertise for various publishers. Previously she was Associate Publisher, Director of Corporate Communications and Senior Vice President of Harper Collins and Vice President of Penguin and Simon & Schuster.

Her career has included leading distribution and merchandising for Penguin Books, Simon & Schuster and Avon Books. She has had the privilege of working with the likes of Stephen King, Ken Follett, Barbara Kingsolver, John Gray and Mary Higgins Clark, but currently works for many non-fiction book publishers, among them several New York Times best-selling Newspapers.

A co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Book Proposals and Query Letters (Penguin Books) with her associate Coleen O'Shea. It is also the literature advisor and co-founder of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. At the NYU and Gotham University she has been teaching publisher classes. It regularly holds publisher workshops and lectures at writeing-meetings.

Shea is a founder of Frahlingur Allen O'Shea. Prior to that, she held leading editing roles at large specialist publications, discovered many best-selling writers and helped in the development of publications. Prior to becoming Frahlingin, writer, editor and advisor, she was editor-in-chief of a large company.

Coleen has worked with a number of award-winning and best-selling literature writers in this role, developing a highly acclaimed collection of self-improvement, healthcare and food magazines, as well as illustrative lifestyles and cookery textbooks. Among others, she has designed and produced a number of publications for Simon & Schuster, Random House, National Geographic Society Trade and Reader's Digest.

As a Frahlingin with a powerful editing and publication backgrounds, Coleen works proactively with her customers to create powerful suggestions and to design, launch and advertise their work. Its bestselling writers have published volumes, offered classes, seminaries and work-shops, appeared in local newspapers, developed product, written for important papers and blogged articles, and talked to a broad audience around the globe.

Their customer base is focused on healthcare, spa, nutrition, gym, spa, meditation, inspiration, life style, cookery, narration, memoirs and a few selected literature writers. Its customers include top-selling and award-winning writers, renowned businessmen, cooks, baker, Olympians, internationally acclaimed yoga and exercise professionals, intuitive people, meditators, academics, research workers and physicians, teachers and reporters.

Marilyn Allen is co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Book Proposals and Query Letters (Penguin Books) with her associate Marilyn Allen. An insatiable readership, keen grower, chef and skater, Coleen strives to work with customers on domestic and overseas markets to bring new inspiration to a wide audience.

She is a Coleen ist Mitglied der Association of Authors' Representatives and Women's Media Group.

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