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This can help if the editor wants to chat with you. Agency Bios She' s written over 1,500 books, and her numbers are rising. Their customers are regular customers of the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and Buchscan bestsellers catalog. Beginning her professional life as secretary to the representative of Stephen King, she founded her own office soon after. She has a long history of sophisticated women's literature, junior high, young adults, thriller, historic diction and mystery.

She has a nonfiction book collection that covers popular music, Jews, scholarship, self-help, Francophilia and life-style. She has authored column and article for a number of author engagements and is a regular contributor to author meetings, which include keynotes at the Historical Novelists Society and Novelists Ink. and sessions at the San Francisco Partners Conference, the Surrey International Partners Conference, the Pacific Northwest Partners Conference, SEAK, the South Carolina Partners Workshop, Malice Domestic and many more.

Literature Agency

Representing a broad palette of real estate that is highly regarded by critics and critics, Alison Fargis is active in the search for sophisticated women's literature, books clubs and middle-class literature that blur the boundaries between literature and advertising.

No romanticism, high imagination, real criminality, poesy or children's books, please. Among the New York Times Bestsellerautorin Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen Every Day und The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, Knopf ), Erin Gleeson (The Forest Feast, The Forest Feast for Kids und The Forest Feast Gatherings, Abrams), Coco Morante (The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook, Ten Speed Press) Matt Lewis und Renato Poliafito (Baked, Baked Explorations, Baked Explorations, Baked Elements),

Their skill and parentering writers includes Blair Stocker (Wise Crafts, Current Press and Wise Crafts Blankets, Roost), Jaime Morrison Curtis (Prudent Advice, Andrews McMeel, My Prudent Advice, Chronicle and Quite Prudent House, Abrams), Samantha Hahn (A Mother is a Story, Abrams) and Susan B. Anderson (Knitting Workshop of Kids, Craftsmen). She is the Kinderliteratur vertritt sie den New York Times Bestsellerautor Michael Buckley (The Sisters Grimm serial show, NERDS serial show de Kel Gilligan, Amulet, Hellfire Commandos, Abrams Comic Arts, et la trilogie Undertow, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Kids), Stephanie Diaz (Trilogy extractrice, St.

Martin's Press), Mikaela Everett (The Unquiet, Greenwillow Books), Michael Teitelbaum (The Very Thirsty Vampire, The Very Hungry Zombie, Skyhorse Press, Backyard Sportseries, Grosset & Dunlap und The Scary States of America, Delacorte). As an adult (Beyond the Point, William Morrow), Alex Myers (Revolutionary, Simon & Schuster) et Elizabeth Hall (Miramont's Ghost, In the Blue Hour, et Music of the Deep, Lake Union Publishing).

Among her cook, handicraft and instructional writers are Saveur's 2014 Reader's Choice Best Food blogger Jeanine Donofrio's The Love & Lemons Cookbook (Penguin USA and Penguin Canada, 2016 - a weekly bestseller of the publisher), Karen Mordechai's The Sunday Suppers Cookbook (Clarkson Potter, 2014- one of the best New York Times Book Review books of the year),

Born in 2016 James Beard Finaliste und Gewinner des Books For A Better Lifes Award 2016, Ann Ogden Gaffney's Cook For Your Lifes (Penguin, 2015), YouTube Stars und 2-facher Today Show Gast Melissa Maker's Clean My Space (Penguin USA und Penguin Canada, 2017), Brittany Watsen Jepson von The House That Lars Built Paper the Rainbow (Abrams, 2018), Amy Atlas Sweet Designs, desserert Stylistin Amy Sweet Designs :

Among a Cookie By Its Cutter (Grand Central Life & Style), Marjorie Taylor und Kendall Smith's The Cooks Atelier (Abrams, 2018), Yvonne Rupertis One Bowl Baking (Running Press), unter anderem. Home-interior Autoren gehören Design Sponge's Grace Bonney (Design Sponge at Home and In The Company of Women, Artisan, 2016), Bright Bazaar's Will Taylor Bright Bazaar and Dream Decor (St. Martins and Quarto, 2016), Tiffany Pratt de HGTV's This Can Be Beautiful and Madcap Cottage Gent's Prints Charming (RH Canada, 2016), ainsi qu'Abrams (Abrams, 2018).

Among the writers are Charla Krupp New York Times bestsellers How To Look Old (Grand Central Press, 24 week on the best seller lists), Today show normal Amy E. Goodman Wear This, Toss That (Atria/Simon and Schuster). Among the pop culture writers are SF Girl By Bay's Victoria Smith's See San Francisco (Chronicle Books) and Instagram sensation Andrew Knapp's Find Momo Coast-to-Coast (Quirk).

Self empowerment and general non-fiction writers belong to executive producer Marsha Benko's Antiques Roadshow: Begin the Scenes (Fireside/S&S), kid growth specialist and Today show regularly Dr. Robyn Silverman Good Girls Don't Get Fat, and books with, Why Files. org: The name Emmanuelle Morgen stands for literature for adults and young people, memoirs and selected narratives and prescriptions.

She is represented Sachbuch vertritt sie Jackson Mackenzie (Psychopath Free, Berkley, et Whole Again, venant de Tarcher Perigee), Catherine McCall, LMFT, (Never Tell, un best-seller britannique), Georg Rauch (Unlikely Warrior : She is a representative of young adults' and intermediate school books and illustrated books in children's literature. Among her writers are Alexandra Christo (To Kingdoms, Feiwel & Friends), Kathleen Peacock (The Hemlock Trilogy, Katherine Tegen Books), Amy Tintera (Ruined, HarperTeen);

Reeboot, HarperTeen), Danielle Younge-Ullman (Everything Beautiful is not ruined, Viking Children's and PRH Children's Canada) et Kat Zhang (The Emperor's Riddle, Aladdin ; Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao, Aladdin ; What's Left of Me, HarperTeen). For adult literature it is a representation of female and romanticism, phantasy and sci-fi, historic literature and literary clichés.

Her customers in these catagories are Alison Atlee (The Typewriter Girl, Gallery/Simon & Schuster), Cecilia Grant (A Lady and A Lady Avakened, Bantam), Alissa Johnson (A Talent for Trickery, Sourcebooks), Sugar Jamison (Dangerous Curves Ahead, St. Martin's Press), K. Maria Ribas concentrates on both story -based and pre-scriptive non-fiction, specialising in cookery books, home page designs, home improvement, consumerism, folk art, folk music, folk music, folk music, folk music, folk music, business, and selected memoirs.

She is looking for writers with proven platform and singular voice who know how to bring a subject to life in a new and surprising way. No literature, children's books, poems or scripts, please. She has written, Maria hat an Büchern wie wie Too Cute Puppies und Too Cute Kittens von Animal Planet, Damn Delicious von Chungah Rhee, Found When Your Heart is in Pieces par le Dr.

The Leila Campoli Foundation presents pre-scriptive and storytelling non-fiction research in the fields of economics, academia, engineering, history, recent developments and self-improvement. She is particularly interested in books that provide an insight into life and little-known surgeries. No literature, no poems, no scripts, please. She has published some of her books to date, including 2018 ), Julie Miner's Text Me When You Get There (Penguin, 2018), Elaine Pofeldts The Million-Dollar One-Person-Business (" Random House ", 2018), Rick Van Warner's On Pills and Needles (" On Pills and Needles ", Baker Baker Books, 2018), Miki Bar-Eli's Boost !

The Poem (Oxford University Press, 2017), Claudia Chans This is How We in Hachette (2017), Nicole Gulottas This Poem (Roost Books, 2017), Gene Fax's With Their Bare Hands (Bloomsbury, 2017), The Entrepreneur's Book of Actions (McGraw Hill, 2016) de Rhett Power et The Science of Selling (Penguin, 2016) de David Hoffeld (Penguin, 2016). Jennette Alyssa is a representative of children's and youth books and illustrated books and has dealt with humour and population.

She enjoys refined middle-class, magic realisticism or urbane imagination, clandestine society and unsound storytellers in children's books/YA. She enjoys literary fictions in grown-up literature full of humour and puns reminiscent of the ridiculous/urreal ( "bonus" if it contains footnotes), intelligent psychologic or psychic or supernatural thrills, mystery/horror, or nicely designed historic fantasies in the style of JONATHAN STRANGE & MR.

It is not looking for historic clichés, romanticism or women's literature. She is a synonym for children's and adults' literature as well as selected popular cultural articles. Among her writers are Doug the Pug (St. Martin's Press and HarperDesign), Brenda Rufener (HarperTeen), Flora Ahn (Scholastic), Brigit Young (Roaring Brook), Carrie DiRisio (Sky Pony), Tim Bono, Ph.D.

She is looking for children's books with a passion, especially in high school. They enjoy children's books that they choose themselves and read over and over again. She is interested in young grown-ups for amusement, business fairy tales in all styles, especially romantic, thrillers and fantasies. She is currently very interested in creating her grown-up shopping lists of fictions.

A special focus on living women's literature and comedy. But Melissa is not the best option for nightmares, historic or literary fictions. Madeelyn Burt stands for literature for adults and childrens as well as selected historic non-fiction books. Madelyn's fictional focus is on grown-up mystery, thriller and crim.

Madelyn is interested in books about historic literature and non-fiction that concentrate very much on a particular epoch, individual or group and give the readers a link to the past. She' s looking for books that cover subjects beyond what we are learning at our schools, things that may be a little arcane or a little weird.

Madeleyn is not the best option for sci-fi, ghosts or romantic. She dedicates herself to the literature of adults and kids as well as selected non-fiction books from the fields of pop-science, economics and the sometimes bizarre world. She searches both in adults' and children's literature for contemporaries, mysteries, histories, thrillers, fantasies and everything that has an evil, sinister grasp of humour.

She is particularly interested in multi-cultural literature and lgbtq+ works. Adrienne2s most recent songs are Labyrinth Labost by Zoraida Cordova, The Border by Steve Schafer, H.H. Holmes: The True history of the White City Devil by Adam Selzer, Between Here and Gone by Barbara Ferrer, Dream with Little Angels by Michael Hiebert, The Idol of Mombasa by Annamaria Alfieri and others.

No child's scripts, poems or scripts, please.

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