Literary Agents for new Writers

Frahlingen for new authors

Can you find a Frahlingen as a new writer? A thorough search is required to compile a list of suitable agents. He lives in New York City, where he runs a Frahlingur. It also coaches new authors in independent publishing. It also coaches new authors in independent publishing.


This agency presents a varied listing of international bestseller and novice writers. Our aim is to maintain the authors' literary trademarks throughout their careers. We have a customer base ranging from literary and business novels and non-fiction writers to well-known people.

Our representation of literature and non-fiction covers a wide range of categories: Literature, advertising, romance, women's literature, enigma, thriller, science fi, fantasy, LGBTQ, YA, middle school, picture books, memoirs, business, politics, health, wellness, cookbooks, sports, humor, pop science, pop psychological, pop culture, design and lifestyle.

A New Frahlingur for Crime Scene Authors

The Phoenix Literary UK (Phoenix Lit) was founded by Mr David to offer a variety of professional activities and to specialize in thrillers and thrillers for the global detective world. After three years as CWA' s John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger judges and with an overseas commercial career, Mr. Creasey chose to shift her focus and make her passions her own work.

After the e-reader and e-book, Phoenix Lit is not sticking to the notion that the conventional publisher sector is taking its last breath. Phoenix Lit is new and wants to be able to take full advantage of these chances in a constantly evolving world. Pheoenix Lit is looking for high-quality commerical fantasy in the field of thrillers and thrillers.

It should be noted that for us, historic fiction within the category only spans the years 1910 to 1980. Please be aware that we will not consider the following points: Novel that are located in the past. We' re particularly interested in discovering psychothrillers and exciting fiction. At the moment Phoenix Lit only accept entries in electronical form.

Entries that meet the following criterions should be sent to submit spot photoslituk at mailot com. Entries are made exclusively on an exclusionary base. Only the words'Stage 1 Submission' should appear in the e-mail heading. When this is of interest and we answer with the reference to'Stage 2?'.

Because of the volume, we strive to reply to all Level 1 e-mails within two week.

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