Literary Agents for new Authors

Frahlingen for new authors

We' re actively looking for established and new authors in various genres. This is Lindsay Mealing (Emerald City Literary) looking for science fiction and fantasy (adults). Frahlingen, who accept new authors. We are always looking for new material from published and unpublished authors.

Frahlingen on the search for new authors

If you are looking for a literary spy, you should immediately familiarize yourself with the Guide to Literary Agents, the guide to literary representations. More than 500 agents are included with details of who and what they best represents. A current edition of Writers Digest has found five frahlings looking for new authors in different categories.

Every website you identify contains submit policy for it. Any inquiries that are made first are sent by e-mail with the inquiry note contained in the e-mail. These five authors are looking for "new" authors who have not yet been released by another publishing house. She is a shop agent and would prefer that you insert the one to two page summary and the first five pages directly into the inquiry emails.

Insert your request into the text of the e-mail. Insert the one to two page summary and the first five pages directly into the request message. Favourite classes are: historic notion, mystery/suspense, magic realisticism, psychothriller, real YA and testimonial. Insert the first 10 pages into the text of the e-mail below your request message.

You can find more information and messages about agents in the Guide to Literary Agents blog at http://ow. ly/mJSVS and receive a copy of the Guide to Literary Agents 2013. You will also find the Guide to Literary Agents in your area. Since the 1980s she has been working on and leading editorial workhops.

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