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This is Eve White, Eve White Frahlingur. and provide writers for all kinds of children's books, from picture books to YA. Please send the complete manuscript for picture books. Have a look in our books and subject areas. You have written a book for children (or teenagers) and want to publish it, so what's next?

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If you are interested in literature, children's and youth literature or nonfiction, please submit the first three sections (no more than 50 pages) in duplicate. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information on pictorial non-fiction books. Please submit the following samples of children's photo books (if available). Do not submit any entries to the hands of more than one agents within the company.

Submitting materials is at your own sole and exclusive risks. No liability can be accepted for materials sent to us and their possible losses or damages.

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The World Book Day has just revealed that Pamela Butchart will be one of 10 writers to write a brandnew history available to all children in the UK and Ireland for just £1.

As Haroon's mother takes his little bro to college, Izzy and her boyfriends are alarme! Haroon's little sibling comes from the universe and tries to BELAM them all.

Frahlingur for children's book writers and illuminators

In addition, we provide writers with the possibility of working in partnerships with their agents and helping them to become more sensitive to their own work. We represent writers of literature and non-fiction for kids of all age groups, advising and supporting you from the conception to the advertising of your work.

Frahlingen for kids

Previously, she was Senior Commissioning Editor for Random House Children's Books, where she worked with a variety of SAS superheroes such as Andy McNab, Chris Ryan, and Bear Grylls to create funny and awesome children's shows, among them the Gargoylz World Book Day show.

Everything began when Amber worked for Working Partners far too many years ago and realised that working with writers to create beautiful books for kids was all she ever wanted to do! She' s been fortunate enough to work on many magic and thrilling shows, such as The Lady Grace Mysteries, Myister the Vampire, Heartland, Vampire Beach and the Rainbow Magic million times sold game.

Joanna and Amber got to know each other when they worked together on a mid-sized adventurous franchise, Talisman, which Amber created during her time at Working Partners and Joanna released during her time at Hodder Children's Books. She began her publisher work at Hodder Children's Books, where she learned from some of the best writers in the industry and edited fantastical writers such as Cressida Cowell, Alex Shearer and Kes Gray, as well as writing literature for labels such as Felicity Wishes.

After taking her motherhood vacation, she headed the children's editorial department of Simon & Schuster Children's Books. There she has published Sophie McKenzie's award-winning début novel Mädchen, Missing and the Yuck Series by the Beastly Boys, among others. Leaving Simon & Schuster to have kids, she lived for over a year in India, where she published an ex-Pat-Magazin.

After returning to the UK, she became editor-in-chief of children's literature at Mulcahy Conway Associates, where she worked on the search for new talents and the editing of articles for publishing houses. It was a logical next move, drawing inspiration from this experiment and the mistake of finding great new faces in children's books, becoming a children's book broker and starting Skylark with Amber.

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