Literary Agents for African Writers

Frahlingen for African authors

She is the director of Frahlingur Blake Friedmann, where she represents writers from all over the world. Complimentary downloads for authors of Writer's DigestIn "Working Writer". Frahlingen for African Authors Search: Your interests are broad and the work of your customers include literary literature, detective stories and suspense stories, youth literature, memoirs, pop cultural, biographies, history and news. -Interested in literary clich├ęs, children's literature and thoughtful non-fiction of all sorts. Representing high-quality business and literary literature, both modern and historic.

Her work is almost entirely with writers of novels, but not with sci-fi, phantasy, horror or youthful work.

Search: interesting literature for kids and teenagers. Search: literary literature for adults, children's literature, plays and poems. Represented over 800 writers of literature and non-fiction books around the world, among them Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Binyavanga Wainainainaina, Helen Oyeyemi, Elif Batuman, Martin Amis, NoViolet Bulawayo, Teju Cole, Geoff Dyer, Works With: Women's funky, Passionate Romances, Terror, Historical fun, Genre fun, Crime, thrillers, General funky, Literary fun.

Work with: strongly thematic non-fiction, news, policy, environment, nonfiction, nature studies, memoirs. For submission to Jessica, please use the page "The Marsh Agent submissions". E-mail: Afro-Belletristics and non-fiction as well as high class cookbooks. The Frahlingur shop, VAN AGGELEN - African Literary Agent, only receives requests by e-mail.

Addiction: Tales with Southern African flair and all-purpose charm. Specialising in the field of major literature and memoir, but also includes scripts not covered by this interpretation, as well as children's text. The Write Co, 1st floor, East Wing, Coral House, 20 Peter Place, Lyme Park, Bryanston, Sandton. Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency, Inc.

Send a one-page inquiry via e-mail to the agents below. Don't register with more than one of the agents of this office. Thriller, commercials and bios. Novelty, thriller/tension, cosmopolitan literature and narratives. Thriller, excitement, thrillers, literary literature, storytelling, politics, folklore, historical, memoirs, recent happenings and population.

Literature & Literature, Memoirs and Women's Literature. Intermediate class, young adults, women's literature and novel. Ghanaian Becky Ayebia Clarke founded the Ayebia Clarke Literary Agency & Publishing Limited in 2003 together with her husbands David.

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