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Andréw Lownie Literary Agency :: About the Agency Cambridge Guide to Literature in English: The Magdalene Legacy and The Shadow of Solomon, the legacy of Joyce Cary and Julian MacLaren-Ross; the historicists Juliet Barker, Roger Crowley, Tom Devine, Robert Hutchinson, Sean McMeekin, Linda Porter, Geoff Roberts ,Desmond Seward, David Stafford and Christian Wolmar; Selling directly to the US and Australia, the company uses subagents for translations and movie copyrights, among them The Marsh Agent, Wolfsong Media and The Ki Agence.

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Long-term client lists - specialist with broadcast licenses and London based agencies dealing with translations, US, movie and TV distribution. Capel & Land does not sell or distribute screenplays for TV, films, radio or theatres, although we do acquire movie, TV and audio licensing for our customers we work with.

Submitting work via the contact page on the agent's website. Among the writers are Michael Collins, Alan Taylor, Belinda Seaward, Michael Fry, Michael Schmidt.

I can' t be a wife. How do I become money?

A Curtis Brown frahling for 10 years, Gordon Wise has a broad array of customers, from prominent figures like Miranda Hart to novelist Armistead Maupin..... It is also Vice-President of the Association of Author's Representatives. However, becoming an operative was not part of his initial professional development and he achieved this point through a diverse and curvaceous journey through the bookbusiness.

By the end of his employment agreement, he learned of a vacancy at Kodansha, a Japan publishing company, who had a vacancy in his New York office through a press brief. There he worked for three years as an internatonal advisor and after his first year was put into a part where he ordered orchestras.

His career began at Boxtree, an independant publishing house specializing in film and television textbooks. Purchased by Macmillan in 1996, Wise began working more on non-fiction and celebs. Later, he came back to the serious and liturgical side of things by supervising the John Murray register at Hachette.

Mr. Wise decides to found his own consulting firm: "When Curtis Brown got a position three month later, Wise responded. A further important qualification for a frahling is timing manning. Ongoing work may involve early readings and submission of proposals to the writer, submission of finished work and negotiation of a trade-off with the publishing house, perhaps two or three against each other to achieve the best trade-off, and negotiation of a treaty, all for different writers with very different work.

These experiences can involve, for example, volunteer work at literature fairs, work in a bookstore and perhaps work placements at publishing houses and agents. This is what sets us apart from so many others in the press, at a crucial moment when objective and frank coverage is crucial.

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