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The Frahlingur is proud to represent outstanding writers and illustrators. Several co-agents for translation, film, etc. A Frahlingur independent company established by Kate Hordern "Items: wrong, arrows: real, autoplay: real, responsive: Breakpoints: 1199, settings:] }, { Breakpoint: 979, settings: Stop: 767, Settings: Stop: 479, Settings: KHLA is a small independant company with a steadily increasing customer base. Our writers are offered a supportive setting and a high degree of awareness in all bookshops.

Click here for more information about agents Kate Hordern and Anne Williams. The third novel by Detectives King and Lane, NOBODY'S Child, was released on June 13th on Bookouture. The new home psychothriller THE DEA EX was released by Penguin on June 28. "Wonderfully spelled.... I was really thrilled by the tote EX."

ONE LITTLE is a new novel released in Avon's eBook on July 23, best-selling writer Amanda Robson says: "I was intrigued by the skillfully crafted strings that connect psychologists, cops, criminals and victims. Absolutely inventive and thought-provoking", whose first novel, THE LETTER, was among the Top 50 in the US Kindle bestsellers in May.

About the team

After graduating from York University with a bachelor's in archaeology, I continued my education at Braesnose College, Oxford (although David Cameron was long gone and nobody asked me to join the Bullingdon Club). I' ve worked in the Time Team of Channel 4 and created many non-fiction and theatre productions for Tern Television and One-Eyed Dog as well as scripts for the BBC.

Over the years I have worked with many authors, both on television and in the field of fiction, and I welcome contributions from both new and existing authors. Before I founded the Tin-Can Telephone Literary agency, I worked with Frahlingur DHH because I had my own idea of what an agent should be. We at TCT want to create a platform where authors at all levels can evolve their abilities until they are available to a broader public.

M. A. in English and French from the University of Aberdeen, I worked on the opening of a literary festivals of words and images during my university years. I' ve particularly focused on my creativity by attending classes at Edinburgh University and Open University. After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a Master's in English Literature and Classical Literature and Civilization, I earned a Master's in Literature and Modernity from the University of Edinburgh.

For the past seven years I have directed a highly acclaimed Youtube literary television station for talks, literary analyses, writer-interview and poems. My thorough and analytic approaches to copywriting, combined with my five years of expertise in the business books sector, enable me to provide writers with expert, intuitively and well-informed guidance that will enhance both their typing and their work.

After graduating in Modern History from the University of St Andrews, I studied at Goldsmiths College and became a reporter. For a moment I was an award-winning reporter and authored for the Independent and Mslexia, but then I turned to literary event planning and coordinated the first Soho Literary Festival and later as founder director of the Bloomsbury Institute at Bloomsbury Publishing.

It was there for almost five years and I saw two of my favorite novelists, Margaret Atwood and William Boyd. With Bloomsbury I ran the writer & artists yearbook program and encountered many people. During the master class'How to Mater an Agent' I learnt a great deal about the submissions and how discouraging it can be for them.

At that time I chose to become a wife, because sometimes the best authors are not the most stubborn. At times, silent authors need to be encouraged and have a supporting atmosphere in which they can flourish. As a typewriter I like to consume all types of script and I am particularly fond of works in the field of allegorical and metaphorical works.

I' m looking forward to working in close collaboration with authors not only to publish their work, but to help them bring their work to the best possible high. In 2015 I completed my studies at the University of Glasgow with a Joint Honours in Philosophy and Theology / Religious Studies and in 2017 at Robert Gordon University with a Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Sciences.

I' ve completed several classes in the fields of creativity and profession. I' m practicing my own typing techniques through blogging, brief videos and shorts. I' ve always been committed to building my careers around literature and literature, and when the opportunity came to join Scotland's newest and most advanced Frahlingur, I couldn't miss it.

I' m looking forward to your work - with modern literature, funny novels and also an editorial guideline for literaryists. Since 2011 I have been managing an editorial services for authors, the "Choice Words Edition Service" and conducting seminars to strengthen my typing aptitudes. Though I had always dreamed of typing, I came relatively later to fulltime typing after first working as a dietician and then as a NHS spcial.

I lived in France for three years, where I couldn't work because of my French language skills, but was able to do a lot of work. I got a Master in Visual Awriting. When I was in France, I was suddenly caught up in our son's home school, which led me to create a French language course manual and an introduction to British giMat.

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