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View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best women in Denver, CO. powerful>Our staff The customer base is small and selected, but, as they say, with a big cane. JRB customers have been selling many titles to large publishing houses for great progress, some have become best-sellers on both the front and back lists, and many customers like to earn extra royalty fees. The JRB customers' manuals are available worldwide, both in printed and electronic form.

The JRB customer book has also been made into TV documentaries, TV situational comedy, big movies and even a TV show. And JRB has also achieved remarkable sales successes in the sale of self-published titles to large publishers. While JRB customers are primarily writing narratives and commercials, JRB is sometimes the rarest and most beautiful novel.

The JRB also releases JRB customer directories through Authors Planet Press, to which the permissions have fallen back, and some other valuable JRB customer directories. At JRB, we represent customers who have a high level of professionality and excellency, and the JRB team' s objective is to act in kind.

is the owner and director of JRB. She began her publisher's professional life as an editing secretary at Contemporary Books in Chicago. There she was sponsored through the local community and relocated to Contemporary's New York offices as editor-in-chief. He joined Dell/Delacorte (soon Bantam/Doubleday/Dell) Publishers (now part of Random/Penguin) as an editorship and was quickly named chief editors and then appointed chief executives.

After several years with BDD, she came to Morrow/Avon (now part of HarperCollins) as editor-in-chief. After moving to Colorado, Avon' editorial and consulting team member Joey decided to leave the firm to found her own business. A gifted author herself, Jody's ghostly written Viking Penguin novel got an excellent Library Journal reviewer and an eager commendation from the deceased Ann Landers.

He received an Editorial Fellowship for the Jerusalem Book Fair. For seven years she has been a visiting professor at the University of Denver and three years as an agent/expert at the publishing institute of the University of Denver. It has been included and commended in several celebrity volumes on Frahlingen, and its work has been presented in many regional and domestic journals.

He is a writer and community leader for JRB. JRB works in close cooperation with JRB's customers and Jody's consultancy customers through Author Planet. The JRB movie and international copyrights are managed by a large number of subagents around the world. Judy Klein of Kleinworks represents most of the international laws.

At JRB we have worked with Gray Tan, the Grayhawk Literary Agency, Howie Sanders of UTA (United Talent Agency) and Rich Green (now of Revolution) to sell a number of our work.

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