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Based in Denver, we pride ourselves on being exceptional yet slightly different. After more than a decade in publishing and law, Shannon Hassan brings a deep business and editorial experience to her role as an agent. Ms Kristin Nelson, Frahlingin, Denver, CO. You are an extraordinarily passionate author and looking for a wife? Frahlingen in Denver on YP.


We' ll believe the amount of our literary experience - romanticism, adventure, growing up, imagination, daring.

We' ll believe the amount of our literary experience - romanticism, adventure, growing up, imagination, daring. As Madeleine L'Engle once said: "You have to choose which script you want to do. Then when it gets too hard for adults, you spell it for kids."

Use it for kids. It'?s for grown-ups. You' re writing. With over a century of New York publisher expertise, an exhaustive network of relationships and a lifelong passion for the Rocky Mountains.

Hassan Shannon

After more than a dozen years in the legal and legal fields, Shannon Hassan has a deep background in commerce and editing. They represent writers of literary and merchandising literature, young adults' and medium-sized businesses' literature and selected non-fiction books. In terms of fairy tales, she is attracted by vibrant vocals, captivating figures and crunchy fictionalism. She loves both modern and historic music.

She is interested in unusual stories by writers with powerful publishing systems. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, she is also excited to listen to writers with a one-of-a-kind view of the West. Some of Shannon's latest or upcoming titles are THE YOUNG WITH ME, a rememoir by Rob Rufus of the Blacklist Royals (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster), THE WORLD'S GREATEST ADVENTURE MACINE, a medium-scale adventures by Frank L. Cole (Delacorte/Penguin Random House), FRÄULEIN M..,

the first novel by Caroline Woods (Gallery/Simon & Schuster), LET THE GOOD PREVAIL, a mystery story by Logan Miller and Noah Miller as a fiction movie (Rare Bird Books), THE MOON IN THE PALACE, a historic serial by Weina Dai Randel (Sourcebooks), GRIRLS ON THE LINE, is a multi-cultural novel for young adults by Jennie Liu (Lerner), INSIGNIFICANT EVENTS IN THE PRESENT OF AACTUS, a medium-sized coeval of Dusti Bowling (Sterling) and THE SILENCE BETWEEN US, a young grown-up of Alison Gervais (Blink/HarperCollins).

She was an editor for acquisitions at Fulcrum Publishing before becoming an agency and a business lawyer at Arnold & Porter in New York.

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