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Miller Literary Associates. Contact Writer's Market to find the best women in Chicago. Yoanna MacKenzie - Nelson Frahlingur My passion for textbooks I owed to the bookmaker of my children's mobile, who, after working through The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High, raised the top cord and let me into the adult section where I found V.C. Andrews.

I started to publish at a Chicago-based Frahlingur in 2002 and successfully placed a number of scripts there, which became celebrated, award-winning and best-selling fiction.

It is my pleasure to work with writers who cover the entire publication and who feel obliged to the tales my customers want to tell, both in the words they put on the page and in the career they are building. I am a Chicago-based agency looking forward to joining the Nelson Literary Agency and expanding my roster for both adults and YA.

I am looking for the epical reading that strikes in its midst with a universe-hearted. Above all the clever and contemporary women's literature, but also gripping, character-based enigmas and thriller - both with a small advantage in the ideal case. At the YA page I'm interested in tales that have a self-assured tone and personalities I can't stop to think about.

I am interested in stories that address the issues of immigrants' identities and experiences, as well as those that address all facets of the relationship that make us who we are - our families, brothers and sisters, best friend and first loves. You can find more information about what I am looking for on the page "Guidelines for submission".

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