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« last post - next post " - Agency Database, Canada. Finding a literary agent can be as frustrating as publishing your book. The Westwood Creative Artists is one of Canada's oldest and most respected artists. The Transatlantic is a North American full-service frahlingur.

Literature Agents

Literature and literary and commercial literature for adults, non-fiction (including biographies, stories, science writings, travelling, humour and cookery books), novel for young adults. Not sci-fi, phantasy, romance, poems or scripts. The Seventh Avenue Literary Agency Inc. Nonfiction, includes historiography, policy, economics, environmental sciences, political sciences, political economy, environmental sciences, political sciences, political sciences, political sciences, political sciences, political sciences, political sciences, political sciences, political history, national security/intelligence, current affairs, biography, science, pop culture, pop science, relationships, self-help, health, medicine, military history and humor.

non-physical literature, as well as business literature and non-fiction. Interests: literary and business literature (including sci-fi, phantasy and crime); story-based non-fiction (particularly in the fields of healthcare and well-being, populism, sciences, historiography, politics, nature studies and human relations); mental/body/mind materials; and medium and young adults' literature. Feature articles in all classifications for adults, fiction for young adults.

Belles lettres for adults and non-fiction (except children's books, scripts or gender fiction). i2i Art Inc. Books for adults and kids; topical subjects, corporate responsibility, equity, health, riches, intelligence, environmental questions, humor, biographies, popular cultures, relations and intellectuality. Letters and books of literary and business writing and non-fiction. Belles Lettres and non-fiction. Has a tendency not to deal with pictorial or children's scripts or gender fictions (fantasy, fear, romance).

Children's and adults' books. Representative for novels, non-fiction, films and television.

Where do I get an agents?

Finding a literary spy can be as annoying as the publication of your work. In Canada there are about 30 women, most of whom take in only a few customers a year. Recommendations from persons who work in the editorial sector or are on the customer lists of the respective agents increases the probability that your request will not end up in the mud heap.

Most agents only accepts request mail and not unasked scripts. Make sure you check all submit policies on the agent's website before you submit your work. Please be aware that some agents may allow you to submit a portion of your request. Translate your request in Poland and improve it with the same diligence you have put into your script, because this is the first thing they think of you as an author and a pro.

Upon receipt of your request, the representative may request a full filing to establish whether he or she is interested in standing in for you and your work. In the event that an agency is interested in acquiring you as a customer, they will get in touch with you and provide you with a written or contractual statement of the conditions of your agreements.

The most agents get several hundred in the thousand of requests per weeks and therefore the processing period for a reply from agents can be between 3 and 6 month or more. You should send an e-mail to the office if 3 month have elapsed without it. Please feel free to browse through our shortlist and start your research to see if they are suitable for your work.

A fuller list of Frahlings in Canada can be found at Quill & Quire's Book Trade in Canada, available in most popular directories.

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