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Requests for rights should be directed to Lucy Cleland (see'Our Agents' page). In addition, we work with leading Frahlinguren in all foreign markets and have agents in Australia, Boston and Dallas. Room for writers of Boston Inc. You can stop worrying now, because Writer's Market makes it extremely easy to find the best wife in Boston. Frahlingur Laura Gross represents award-winning and best-selling authors of fiction and non-fiction as well as first authors.


Carlisle began his professional life as a clerk in the literature division of the William Morris Agency. He is the sons of two novelists and contributes a legal backdrop to his professional life. Its bestselling novelists have won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Pulitzer Prize, the Man Booker Prize, the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award (fiction and non-fiction), the British Book Award, the LA Times Book Award, the PEN Award for first non-fiction books and the PEN/E.

O. The Wilson Literary Science Writing Award; one even gave her the name of an a steroid. Formerly a member of the AAR, a non-profit organisation of literary and drama agents, the PEN and the Council on Foreign Relations, Michael leads the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Non-Fiction Programme and is a member of the Board of Directors.

I' ve devoted my whole professional life to represent writers who have inspiring me and helped them develop a broad, faithful readership that is as much as I am impressed by their work. Born on Long Island, I studied at the University of Pennsylvania and now I' m living with my whole extended home in Westchester County, where I am spending a lot of my life strolling in the forest with our hounds and reflecting on literature and the kind of person they are.

Witherspoon, 26 years old, started her own Frahlingur, which quickly became one of the most renowned and succesful Manhattan agents, with customers often released around the globe. In the last 15 years she has been representing the best-selling writers of literature and non-fiction, among others:

Ms. Beyreuther completed her studies at Brown University in 1984 with a BA in Int'l Relations. It is a group of bestsellers and celebrated writers working in all genres, children's and adults' literature, novels and non-fiction. Among his customers are the New York Times and the best-selling LaurenOliver, the Newbery medalist LauraAmy Schlitz, the National Book Award nominees LisaGraff, the Bram Stoker Award winners PaulTremblay, the New York Times design and best-selling AjaRaden, the New York Times best-seller RicardoCortés and the GlasstownEntertainment and TheStory Pirates businesses.

Before he joined InkWell, he was an Foundry Literary + Media salesman for six years, before which he was contract director of Donald Maass for three years. After graduating from the University of Chicago in 2002 with a BA in British and literary studies, Stephen worked as a critics and free-lance sport journalist before he entered the editorial family.

She began her professional training in 1995 as an internship in the Distribution Division of Grove/Atlantic. Since then she has worked at the literary scout agent Maria B. Campbell Associates, where she was Senior Scout and Deputy Director for four years. In addition, she spent several years in Europe, worked as a freelancer in Paris and Berlin and taught English at Berlitz in Berlin for three years.

She graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in English and American Studies. Draper Claire Draper studierte at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study der New York University. She has her origins in Brooklyn and likes to go to the garden to study young adults' whimsical writing, graphical books, physically affirmative memoir and the latest anthology of feministic essay.

Drayton holds a BA in English Literature and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney. Following her studies at the University of NSW with a Master of Laws, she worked as a litigator specialising in copyrights and defamation rights in a large multinational solicitor' office. However, Romane, not a juridical precedent, was always at the top of her list, so in 1998, after a short time as a literary girl scouts, she came to Arthur Pine Associates, who later became InkWell.

They represent a broad spectrum of literature from all over the word for grown-ups and kids as well as some non-fiction books on topics that fascinate them. Mr. Forrer began his professional life in the field of publication in 1997 after obtaining a Master's degree in Fine Arts from Boston University. He has interests ranging from literary, business, historic and criminal fictions to suspense/thriller, humor, non-fiction and pop music.

Cire Friedman came to InkWell in 2016. Born in Salt Lake City, Claire worked for her native independent bookshop The King's English for three years before she moved to New York to visit Columbia University. Claire worked at Don Congdon Associates before coming to InkWell. As a literary literature writer she likes to read literary literature, children's and youth literature and nonfiction.

Michigan-born Emma Gougeon relocated to New York in 2016 to begin her publisher careers with Georges Borchardt, Inc. She has a BA in English and French from Kalamazoo College and took the Columbia Language Course at Oxford University. She began her professional life in 1998 and joined InkWell in 2004.

He is co-director of foreign rights and works as an agency for national works in the fields of literary and business literature, memoirs, narratives, non-fiction and more. In addition, he manages InkWell agreements. He is the North American representative of writers on assignments for several London-based Frahlinguren and publishing houses, among them Profile Books.

In 2003, after more than a decennium as an editorial journalist, he turned to the agency as part of a seventeen-year trans-atlantic editorial careers that had led him from packaging textbooks in a rustic British storehouse to caring for thrillers for towering New Yorkers. His clients include New York Times best-selling novelists Lynne Truss, Kate Mosse and Simon Garfield, Man Booker Prize laureate Howard Jacobson and the literary estate of P G Wodehouse.

Mungiello is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he majored in Government and English. He also spend a term in the English department of his university as an intern for a course on Jewish-American literature. He has a taste for the history of the mind, psychological oriented sociology and stylish literary clichés. He is a graduate in Visual Arts from Binghamton University and an MS in Publishing from Pace University.

She is interested in women's literature, cookery textbooks, handicrafts and do-it-yourself literature, multi-cultural and LGBTQIA+ as well as literature for schoolchildren. It is InkWell's subsidiary in Boston. Mr. Olsen began his publisher careers at InkWell in 2007 and has been developing his customer base ever since. His interests lie in literature, children's literature, graphical and illustrative works and exciting nonfiction.

Before Inkwell, Charlie graduated in printed media at Rider University, reported on a beating at a news agency in the District of Columbia and worked for two New Jersey papers. Worked with prizewinning printmakers such as New York Times bestselling author Matt Kindt, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lemire and National Books Awards finisher Noelle Stevenson, as well as renowned children's writers Andrea Cremer, Amy Ewing and Gus Gordon;

Before coming to InkWell, Eliza Rothstein worked for The Susan Golomb Literary Agency. She is interested in literary and business literature, nonfiction, memoirs, populary studies and foodwriting. She graduated in Comparative Literature and Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania and is a Columbia Publishing Course alumnus. It is also a founder member of City Readers, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the provision of textbooks for New York City's government and charity school.

In his quest for overwhelming fictional commerce and a convincing non-fiction. Before he joined InkWell in 2011, he directed his Frahlingur of the same name in Texas, which he founded just a few years after completing his studies at Kenyon College. Featuring the mystery phenomenon Matthew FitzSimmons and the New York Times bestselling authors Greg Rucka and Blake Crouch, the writer of the popular Dark Matter and the Wayward Pines thrilogy (adapted from the homonymous TV show by Crouch is Executive Producing), which has sold millions of copies.

Smith is representing the renowned chefs Jordan Mackay, Daniel Vaughn and Robert Sietsema, top chefs John Tesar and Isaac Toups as well as the New York Times bestsellers Skip Hollandsworth and barbeque super star Aaron Franklin. He loves to develop concepts to the final product and sells movie and TV titles for his customers by making a number of travels to the West Coast every year to refer contracts to executives, agents and production companies.

He' living in Dallas, Texas, commuting to New York. Ms. Bennett holds a BA in English Language at Arizona State University and an MA in English from Northern Arizona University. Prior to joining InkWell, she did an internship at Liza Dawson Associates and worked for Strand Book Store. It is a pleasure to read young adults' books.

She holds a BA in English and Drama from University College Dublin and an MA in Modern Literature from the University of Edinburgh. From Dublin to New York with radiant eyeballs, hoping for a careers in publication. Prior to InkWell, she worked as Foreign Rights Assistant at Janklow & Nesbit and did an internship at Akashic Books.

Mary loves literary rhetoric, especially when it is grim and strongly narrated. Business Manager Jenny Witherell is a recent alumnus of Simmons College in Boston, where she earned a B.A. in English and Economics. Her M. B. A. from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Prior to InkWell, she worked in the field of research.

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