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Wellcome to the Australian Literary Agents' Association! A list of agents can be found at the Australian Literary Agents' Association. "Previous Post - Next Post " - Agency Database, Australia.

The Australian Frahlingen Federation

Welcome to the Aussie Literary Agents' Association! Founded in 2003, the Australien Literary Agents' Association is a non-profit, non-profit, public service organization for Frahlinguren and their employees. How are frahlings doing? It seeks to find sales opportunities for the work of the author they are representing and monitors the contractual relationship between the author and those who use their works - publishing houses for books and magazines, movie, theater, broadcasting and other.

You can see that their writers get a reasonable and lucrative trade. In particular, they look at the progress of publishing houses, the way publishing houses advertise their writers, foreign copyright, translating laws, movie copyrights and possibilities and many other details of contractual work. The members of the association are obligated to observe the basic rules laid down in the Ethics Group.

Please click on the link at the top of the page to see a listing of members. Contact with an agents will tell authors how to find a literary agents and how best to present their texts. This useful link page provides a link directory to literary contact in Australia, which includes literary organizations, author centers and script evaluation service.

The literary event page gives you an idea of the many shows and celebrations around Australia.

Contact an Australian Literary Agents' Associate

What do I have to do to make my work known to a frahling? Secondly, find a qualified representative from our member agents and then review their submissions policy before contacting them - if this policy is not available on their website, by telephone or e-mail.

While some agents like to make a call first, others like to send e-mails.

Curti Brown

The Curtis Brown is Australia's oldest and biggest Frahlingur representative of a variety of Aussie and New Zealand artists. He obtains works from young and aspiring composers and serves the interests of many of our customers and bequests. Zoe Foster Blake's No Oneikes a Fart was awarded the ABIA Picture Book of the Year Award 2018.

Sarah Schmidt's See What I Have Done has been nominated ABIA's Literary Fiction Book of the Year Award 2018-winning film. Canadian singer Jane Harper has won the British Book Awards Crime & Thriller Book of the Year 2018 for The Dry, edited by Abacus Books. Mark Brandi's writer Mark Brandi was chosen the first prize in the Indie Book Awards debut fiction category 2018.

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