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You will find an agent for submission guidelines, British frahlings accepting submissions, frahlings looking for new authors, British frahlings. Submissions are accepted by mail or e-mail, as Word documents. Guidelines for submission - Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency We are a UK frahlingur looking for new writers and accept entries in all genres. In person we are reading everything that is presented to the agencies and representing writers from all over the globe. So why our agent?

Please click here to see what our writers say about Frahlingur Madeleine Milburn.

This is why we are receiving a large number of submissions every single working days so that we can give you every opportunity to succeed. You can find more information about what a Frahlingur does in the Writers & Artists Yearbook. We' re sorry, but we don't take scripts except from our current customers.

Contact the agents you think are best suited to your job. On the right side you can see what every spy is looking for. Enter your name and the name of your script in the e-mail heading, for example Abigail Bond THE FLIGHT. Manuscripts and summaries should be in Word and 1.5 or twice as large.

Include a one-page summary and the first three sections of the script. You should only have two appendices in a simple e-mail. Usually the summary should "tell the story", with a spoiler, instead of "sell" the storyline (this is done in the introduction e-mail). In order to provide an illustration, please provide some information about yourself and a specimen of your portfolios, either via a hyperlink to your website or as PDF or jump.

About what your textbook is about and why it needs to beritten. You are well positioned to compose the text, with regard to your backgrounds and references or your specialist knowledge.


Via e-mail IMPORTANT: This is only the first name of the agents as shown on their profiles page. Don't enter the last name in the e-mail adress. Do not call in advanced before sending a deposit by e-mail. Because of the high amount of emails we are receiving, we cannot ensure that we will respond to every emails we subscribe to.

Submissions should be single-sided, at least 1.5 lines apart, page numbering and on A4 hardcopy. Because of the amount of materials we get, we cannot take any liability for the materials sent in. When you do not deliver SEE, the materials are reused after a certain amount of while.

We always endeavour to reply within three month of receipt, although it may take longer at peak periods of the year. If, after this period, you have not received a reply, you can request a courteous pursuit from the relevant bro.

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