Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

Frahlingen, who accept submissions

All unsolicited manuscripts will be accepted and we will seriously review all submissions, including those from first authors. Enquiries are only accepted by e-mail. Frahlingur Corvisiero accepts inquiries from established and aspiring authors. To find out who is best suited to your project, please read each agent profile below. President &

Principal Agent.

Entries " Donald Maass Frahlingur

To the best of our ability, we will endeavour to answer any request that is answered correctly and in accordance with our filing policy. Non-fiction books can be found under the various agents sections (accessible via the top menu). Requests must be directed to a particular agents, so please see the page for each of them to find out who is best for your work.

You can also find information on how to contact each of the agents on their personal profiles and when to receive an answer. Don't ask more than one agents at our office at a time. When you have the option of presenting one of our agents at a meeting or on-line meeting, please let him know if the materials have already been submitted to another one.

In case your proposal is rejected, you can contact another agents in our office. Do not interrogate the same agents with a projects they have already been considering (unless they are asked to) without making significant changes. Enquiries are only accepted by e-mail. Don't ask by post, telephone or the like.

Please submit your request to the e-mail addresses provided on the agent's page. Start your reference line with QUERY: Headline of the script (e.g. QUERY: The Count of Monte Cristo). No unprompted e-mail attachment will be opened, so please include all of the above in the text of the e-mail. DMLA agents abide by the AAR ethics canon, and we do not levy any read or assessment charges.

Entries - Corvisiero Frahlingur

Frahlingur Corvisiero receives inquiries from well known and aspiring writers. We are proud to have access to the consultation proces. Please make sure that you adhere to our policies to ensure that we can offer you an extraordinary level of customer care. We' ll answer all requests, but answer time varies by agents. In case you have not contacted us within 3 month, you are welcome to continue your request to verify that your request has been made.

Representative menue to select the frahling that best fits your genre/writing styles. When you have selected the right agents for you, click on the WORK HERE SOUBMIT pushbutton on their page to fill in the registration forms and add your work to our team. Notice that each of the agents has its own buttons to make sure that you click on the buttons on the agent's page to send them to the respective agen.

Entries should be submitted in one fellowship only. When your request is declined, you can make a request for another one. Refusal by one of the agents is refusal by the whole agency. Do not ask any other agents unless specifically requested. We would like to point out that none of our agents currently represents scripts, poems or novellas (except romance).

Filing instructions: Since each of our agents has their own individual filing preferential, please check the filing preferential for details once you have chosen an agents to whom you would like to submit your request. On the Agents page there is a section with the settings for submitting. Belletristically, we need a request for information that will be inserted into the text of your e-mail, together with a 1-2-page summary (containing the spoiler and the end) and the first 5 pages of your work.

In the case of nonfiction, you should submit a full application (including a section example), but make sure that the agents accept nonfiction and adhere to its own application rules. - Search for the agents you contact according to both their preference and their filing policies. - Keep your request limited to ONE PAGE.

Collect our interest without showing anything in the inquiry. - Do not request the same projects from more than one agent. - Do not email inquiries directly to one of our agents unless the work has been requested. - Do not use the contact information on our website to submit your request.

  • Do not ask to an agent's e-mail adress. Sending a bulk e-mail to several agents. Submit an nonpersonal "Dear Agent" request. Broadcasts non-represented music. - Do you have a badly formated or difficult to understand script?

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