Literary Agents Accepting new Clients

Frahlingen accept new customers

For new Frahlinguren looking for customers As a rule, new studios are founded by Frahlingen, who want to make their own stamp on the sector. They are anxious to compile their customer base and are happy to receive inquiries. Like always, don't check these companies without visiting their web sites first. In case these companies do not meet your needs, here is a shortlist of hundred new and existing sales people: they are looking for customers:

After a very succesful business editorial careers in 2016, Heather Jackson chose to go over the desktop to the fed. She is looking for: Heather specialises in nonfiction, books for adults, YA and kids. Topics of particular interest are: political issues, pop psychological and scientific issues, historical issues, memoirs.

Loved a great and unforgettable figure in women's literature, thriller and romance. Inquiries can be sent to QUERY@HJLIT. Com, with a brief introduction to your product, its unique nature on the market and why you and only you can do it. For more information about your mailing lists, please do not submit enclosures. is a literature representative at Root Literature, who represents children's and adults' literature.

Her main focus is on literature, romanticism and women's literature. She joined Root Literary in 2017 from Waxman Leavell Literary and Gersh in Los Angeles. O'Neill is looking for children's literature - Illustrators & Illustrators, YA.

It is also looking for articles for grown-ups, children or teenagers. That'?s what they're looking for: Active search for fine literature for grown-ups, young people and the small and medium-sized businesses, together with selected non-fiction books. Please e-mail a request and the first 10 pages of your script in the text of an e-mail to

As soon as you make an enquiry, you will get an automatic reply which confirms the reception and notes the actual processing to you. They work very close together, often managing back and forth assignments and sometimes jointly sign customers, so they generally welcome requests to the office. When you request one of them specifically, insert the name of the agents in the e-mail header.

That'?s what they're looking for: Kullen loves convincing storybooks, historic memoirs, biographies, mind-body spirits and works of arts and designs. She is a fan of novel writing with powerful storylines, inspiring tales and catchy characters: Please e-mail your request and 10 pages (as an attachment) to Alex Field founded The Bindery in 2017 after 18 years of working in publishers and journalists.

He has since worked in the journalistic and accounting fields, writes, edits, acquires and manages crews such as editors, marketers, advertisers, designers, producers, ancillary copyrights and contracting divisions. Anything he' s looking for: Authors of high-quality literature and non-fiction, among them Christian spirituality, literature, sci-fi and phantasy, memoirs, biographies, economics, nutrition and healthcare, and more.

Send your request (for fiction) or your suggested books (for non-fiction) to together with a covering note. We kindly ask you to enclose a synopsis of your project plan, list of content, author's bio, at least one reference section, pertinent contacts and your publisher's name.

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