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Frahlingen accept new authors

Note: Almost no agent accepts complete manuscripts on first contact. Time-to-market for 2 new customers Both these new agents are looking for customers. Hamessley is active in creating a collection of children's literature ranging from storyboards to YA to selected grown-up sci-fi and gruesome authors. She' s also looking for witty, factual storybooks with star tenor focuss. She is interested in Romanticism and YA in all classes.

The Agents may move from one Agency to another or terminate their Registry and the terms of submissions may be subject to changes. When these agents do not meet your needs, here is a complete listing of new and existing agents looking for customers: Agent looking for customers. Jordan has worked for Penguin Young Readers (Grosset & Dunlap), Egmont USA and Adaptive Studios for almost a dozen years.

He has had the privilege of publishing many award-winning and criticalnoted writers including Sara Benincasa, Len Vlahos, Ilsa J. Bick, Adam-Troy Castro, E.C. Myers, Dori Hillestad Butler, Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead, Michelle Schusterman and others. The Haunted Library by Dori Hillestad Butler, from book chapters to the Gustav Gloom by Adam-Troy Castro and YA by Kaitlin Ward, she has built a name as a "Horrorgirl" editorial.

She' s always on the lookout for tales that will take the strange experiences to the children's room across all ages. Anything she' s looking for: Her work includes a wide range of children's literature, from storyboards to YA and selected grown-up sci-fi and gruesome authors. She' s also looking for witty, factual storybooks with star tenor focuss.

Submit inquiry to Ava has been studying romanticism since fifth graders when she found the Sweet Valley High range. Eve wants to present all sub-genres of Romanticism, with the exception of the inspiring Romantic and Young AoI. Anything she' s looking for: I' d like to see more books that are less about the relation than about the barriers outside the relation.

The big trophy I don't like most in romanticism is the big gestures at trope??relationships are based on confidence and comunication. Multi-cultural romanticism is also something I would like to see more of. I' m supporting the #OwnVoices advertising to enhance the variety in romanticism not only of authors but also of people.

Being a Latina, I like to see my own people' s feelings about my own people. I' m open to most sub-categories in Young Adult, but there should still be powerful romance in it. I would like to see modern, para-normal, science fi lm, mystery/suspense and phantasy, but not historic.

You are kindly requested to return all unasked entries by e-mail to: Please enter "Query[AGENT'S FIRST NAME]" followed by the name of your request in the reference line of your request e-mail. If you are interested in literature, please submit the request and the first three sections in the text of the e-mail, no appendix.

They can more large writings Resources, inclusively free competitions, appeals for subordinations, useful tips on how to get an agents, agents looking for principals as well as editors accepting scripts directly from authors, tips for how to market/manage your work and further, how to construct your on-line deck, how to get reports, how to self-publish, and where to find marketplaces for your work on publishing...and other forms of mental illness.

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