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literary agents

Frahlingen in the UK look after a wide range of bestsellers in the field of commercial fiction. A leading Frahlingur representing literary, commercial, historical, detective stories, thrillers and exciting fiction, popular science, memoirs and general non-fiction. The AgentMatch provides complete information about all British frahlings. With our tools, you can easily search and filter data to find the right agent for you. Amber Caraveo & Joanna Moult, specialists for children's books and YA fiction.

Finding a Frahlingen | Curtis Brown Creative

Agents are always looking for new materials. and the feeling of being plunged into a past reality. There are literary mystery stories I enjoy that can pride themselves on being at risk, great writers and skilful planners. I will always be seized by mental tension when horrors or danger are brought into a home environment.

After all, I am definitely open to futurist fantasy and the reinterpretation of our worlds as a landscape for great stories. I have a long history of high calibre literature, thrilling psychology and personality and awareness reading. I also have on my wish listsarrative memoirs, especially from Ireland.

If you write your own tale and she makes you cry, it'll be a good indication, it's a novel for me. I' m representing Jeffrey Archer and Gerald Seymour, although the most of my fictional customers seem to be ladies! Because I have a very complete mailing lists, I rarely accept new customers, although there are exclusions for something that really gets me, and I only hired a first-time author last weekend.

I' m a keen scholar of historic literature, so I'm looking for the next one. I' m active in creating my lists of literary groups and literary literature, narratives, non-fiction books and memoirs. I am looking for brillant companionship and smart story telling in my cliché. I' m also making some sophisticated stories about non-fiction, journalists and bizarre pop cultures as well as eating & drinking and life-style.

The most popular novels and writers include: The Time Traveller's World, Never Let Me Go, Deborah Levy, Murakami, Early Amis and McEwan, Louise Welsh, Scarlett Thomas. I' m looking for great lyrics in literary and general wisdom, psychologic tension, criminality and thriller, historic wisdom, as well as all that.

That applies to literary and folk literature. In my customer lists and in my readings you will find writers whose essays are slim and muscle-like and who are more playfully dealing with speech and ingenuity. Atwood and the psychic are my favorite fictional pieces (think Margaret Atwood rather than just genre).

Here is a shortlist of customers I am proud to serve. Growing up with the readings of textbooks from all over the globe, I am always attracted by cosmopolitanism. I' m primarily concerned with juvenile and children's novels, so that my book shelves are filled with toys for the tiger and princess, monster and pirate, dinosaur and fairy, superhero and unlikely heroe.

I am looking for new contributors to work with, so if you are going to be a writer of a children's or young adult novel, please feel free to mail it my way. I' m also blogging about the topic Women's World, which provides more advices and hints. I would like to see works by novelists who can make personalities with whom the readers can relate, who move me and whom I believe when they take me somewhere I didn't expect.

I want to present in the non-fiction book biographies that inspire, stories that tell a tale, memoirs that entertain, or the kind of popular art, humor and entertaining project that make folks know they're looking for the moment they see them and that really deserves to be them. There will be no new entries to be reviewed by the staff, please submit your materials to the most appropriate agents.

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