Literary Agent Submissions

Literature Agent Submissions

To the best of our ability, we will respond to any request that is properly answered and complies with our submission guidelines. Guidelines for submission To find out who is best for your projects, please see each agent section below. He is currently purchasing both literature and non-fiction. He is looking for literature, advertising, mysteries, thrillers, suspense, romance, young adults, middle grades and picture-book. When it comes to non-fiction, he searches for economy, politics, news, memoirs, health, wellness, sport, humor, pop culture, pop science and popsychology.

To submit a request to Curtis, please read our entry policy below. She is currently purchasing both literature and non-fiction. Regarding Bezug auf die Belletristik sucht sie, Women's and Upmarket Adult, Commercial Adult, Domestic Suspense, Literary Mystery & Thrillers, Historical, Contemporary Romance, und Smart Book Club Fa.

With regard to non-fiction, she looks for Pop Science, Business, Psycology, Cookbooks, Unique Memoirs, Lifestyle (Health, Well-being, Relations, Education), Narrative and Platform Based Non-Fiction (must have proven experience and a measurable market). To submit a request to Carly, please read our entry policy below. Mary purchases children's literature, non-fiction (for people of all ages) and picture-book.

She is looking for young adult and middle class literature as well as chapterbook. She is looking for special book in the following categories: popular culture, science, design and lifestyle. Her interests include a wide range of illustrative works, such as graphic novels, non-fiction and picture-posters. Please read our entry policy below if you would like to submit an enquiry to Maria.

KurestĂ­n acquires high quality and commercial fiction, magic realism, science fiction, fantasy, selected historical fiction, LGBTQ (every genre), illustrative picture-book, middle class, young adults, graphic novels and novels. She searches for design, cooking, pop psychology, narration, photography, science and the outdoors. Please read our entry policy below if you would like to submit a request to Kurestin.

Avidly acquires literature and non-fiction. He' s active in search of new, varied vocals in Young Adult (especially sci-fi and fantasy) and Literary and Commercial Fi (again likes sci-fi and fantasy, but also thriller and mystery). When it comes to non-fiction, he is interested in cookbooks, pop culture, humour, anthologies of essays and blogs to e-books.

To submit a request to Eric, please read our entry policy below. We kindly ask you to restrict yourself to a request for information consisting of the following: Enter the name and the class of your work (i.e. literature or non-fiction and subject), an estimate of the number of words and a short, general intro.

Don't post an attachment. If you are not invited to do so, please do not provide a full-length manuscript/offer. Please always let us know if your manuscript/suggestion is currently being reviewed by other agents/publishers. Please direct your request to the agent you think is best suited to your job. If you do not get an answer to your request within 4-6 week, the agent will reject your request.

Submissions will only be accepted by e-mail. For more information about our agent and the remainder of our staff, please visit our Who we are page. It may take longer, however, according to the amount of submissions we are evaluating at a given point in it. Do not call to verify the state of your filing - if you have a query or request regarding your filing, email is the best way to find out.

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