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To find a specific agent by name, enter their name in the search box. It was Kristin Nelson of Frahlingur Nelson. Official list of the Frahlingen In the Frahlingen list you will find the most complete and up-to-date list of Frahlingen in printed form or on-line for all Frahlingen in my area. Writers of all types of books have used the Literary Agent Directory to find the best frahlings, editors and booksellers. TRENT Media Group, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency, Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc, Felicia Eth Literary Representation, Hartline Literary Agency, The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, Harvey Klinger Literary Agency, Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency, Matthew Carnicelli Literary Agency und mehr.

The most bibliographies (print and online) are obsolete, fragmentary and full of errors. Come to us today and maybe become our next writer to find a top frahling. Contardi, Sarah Jane Freymann, Mark Gottlieb, Felicia Eth, Harvey Klinger, Jill Marr, Don Fehr, Stephany Evans, Matthew Carnicelli, Jennifer Di Chiara, Jim Hart and others.

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Literature Agent Directory - This directory from Literary is the most detailed (and comprehensive) Frahlingen directory in the word. Built and updated by a former NY Times bestseller agent, this directory contains everything you need to research your own personalised frahling list:

I am a former bestseller agent for the NY Times and former marketing & licensing manager for a well-known publishing house. I am now a best-selling author I'm and trademark advisor who helps writers compose, publicize and advertise their work. It' s difficult enough to get an agent - the last thing you need is to be turned down because the list of literary agents you use is untrustworthy.

That'?s why I made this Frahlingen directory. Literary Agents Directory Agents was initially designed to provide my 1-on-1 client with exact listings of frahlings (they are paying me $1,000 to work with, so my frahling directory must be perfect). So after a while I finally published the bibliography Agents?online so that everyone could have it.

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