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I' ve written this article but haven't had the chance to post on the blog yet. As an answer to my blog post on Your Career and Social Media, one reader asks: The depth of talent among the readers of this blog is frightening as always. Subtitles by Molly O'Neill, Frahlingin I celebrated my first anniversary of agent life last months. I am sorry if you asked before 25.02.

17 and did not receive a complete script, but I have come to the conclusion that I am not the right agent for your work, so it is a passport for me. Every request and every script I see myself (no trainees, no wizards, no external reader, plus customer needs always have priority) and so I can only reread with the pace of my eye.

If you are in the trenches, take heart: a full half of the bids I have made in the last 13 month (including contributors and illustrations and contributors/illustrators) are directed at contributors/illustrators who have reached my mailbox, which is otherwise completely new. I' m very happy every single times the whole procedure is so successful, so please keep your requests and entries and your portfolios up to date.

Smooch captain greets all those who have taken the opportunity to confirm him in their questions. He added a private comment here, except that he has recently spent his spare moment breaching the 4th barrier and finding new ends. Quite literally. No. Hello fellows, just a short note: If you asked me on or before APRIL 1 and didn't receive a full script application, I'm sorry, but I found out that I'm not the right representative for your work.

When I have asked for a full script but haven't answered yet, you know I'm still studying and you will get a straight answer, no matter what my choice. I' m currently slowing down on reads on fills than on requests, but I'm working really fast and making up for it.

Thank you all for your endurance, because I have been working over the last few month to find the rhythm of my agent's work. Thanks also to everyone who decided to ask me - I'm truly sorry I can't say yes to all of you (but now that query mountain has increased over 2,000 requests in 4 month, I would need about 600 additional drops of my eye and hand to make that possible)!

I have sent several different authors to my three most popular/useful blog entries about the art of typing in a while. Before she was a known name (or even had a books deal!), Veronica Roth wrote intelligent, clever blog postings that I suppose I will show authors to for years to come.

I have had over 1 300 requests since it opened for requests two of them. That' s quite a bit to read (especially when you include example pages and portfolios perspectives), but I'm thankful for the opportunity to consider every single one of them, and I've been busy with Query Mountain every single workday. For this purpose, here is an update: If you asked me on or before March 1 and did not receive a full script application, I am sorry, but I have found that I am not the right representative for your work.

When I have asked for a full script but haven't answered yet, you know I'm still studying and you will get a straight answer, no matter what my choice. At the moment my read times on fuls run about 8-12 week, and sometimes longer. If you asked me about 1 March, I will get back to you as soon as possible!

I' ll keep publishing such notifications on my blog on a periodic basis so that you know (at least in a joint sense) if your request is still being reviewed. And while I am not able to answer every question in person because of the crowd, please know that I am impressed by everyone of you who tries to reconnect with the reader by exchanging your ingenuity.

For those who have no face-to-face contact with me, I pledge that you are in no way at a disadvantage: the last two customers I sign have come to my mailbox as cool requests, and I look forward to working with each of them to advance their publishers'career.

You will find more information here soon, incl. an actualized wishlist of manuscripts! For now, back to read, read, read, read! Meanwhile, I established a number of meeting stands, befriended a variety of library owners, teachers, bookshops and designers, was amazed at the number of volumes, sent about a billion and three sophisticated specimens to writers and critics, became an editorial journalist, talked at a number of meetings, found and released some of the most awesome writers and illustrations, bought and reviewed best-sellers and prizewinners from the New York Times and filmmakers, and took a tempo ary venture into the technical and technical and technical worlds.

I engrave in three different ways in illustrated textbooks (although not all at once): cute and soft, funny and submissive or downright inane. I' m also very fond of well-written textbook histories that connect a lively feeling for personalities and characters with the facts and historic detail that make their lives inimitable.

I am seldom, if ever, lined to snaark or textbook scripts that are mainly a sign's daily ruses or writings, rather than full-blown tales. Friend stories: of course in storybooks and in the intermediate school, but also in YA (because the self-confidence of teenagers is so often influenced by friends).

"One of my favourite trophies is "Band of misfits becomes a family", as well as some of my favourite titles that could best be described as "the romantic tale of a friendship" (and not as a romance). To put it briefly, I am looking for a book (and characters!) with the strength to make a readers smile, cry, think or smile.

We want our ledgers to be a representation of our readership.

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