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Looking for job offers for assistants of Frahlingur. The Frahlingur Assistant with company evaluations and salaries is the right job for you. for Frahlingin Karolina Sutton. You can browse the current vacancies here or use the buttons below to search or submit your own. The New Writing South is the literature development agency for the Southeast.

Frahlingur Jobs - August 2018

Pronounced knowledge of arithmetic, literature and MS Offices. Part of Randstad Group, Randstad provides support in the provision of temps and..... Folkestone Solutions (Folkestone) Ltd. operates as a full-time job agency and temping agency...... Good mathematical and literary aptitudes.

Part of Randstad is a company that provides temping services and a job agency when.....

Assistent to the Frahlingin - London

Curti Brown is looking for a new assistent for his wife Karolina Sutton. They have at least one year of working experiance in an art organization, preferentially in a Frahlingur, a publisher or a manufacturing comany. They possess outstanding communicative and managerial abilities, knowledge of digital/social medias and a kind but highly qualified team.

Managing your publisher agreements is an important part of your job, for which you need a keen attention to detail. As a fast and demanding readership you are prepared to work in different literary styles. You are interested in and know about the core topics of today's bookshop.

In order to submit your job applications, please fill out the job applications page on our website. Please submit your resume and a copy of your resume to and make sure you enter'Assistant - Karolina Sutton' in the body of your email.

A literary agent

Good Literary Agency is a new agency for socially responsible companies created by Nikesh Shukla and Julia Kingsford to promote British literary talent with an under-represented background in the UK book industry. As part of the key staff we are looking for a vibrant agents to administer our copyrights and the editorial side, to sell our works to UK editors for all our creators and to have the opportunity to create your own customer lists (although this may be the case from the outset if you have previously worked as a frahling).

Since we run our shop a little differently than a regular Frahlingur, we don't ask you to be an expert Frahling (but if you are, then that's great). You are expected to have extraordinary tastes and a lot of hectic and that you believe that literature and literacy are important and that being represented in them is important.

For a Frahlingur, a publishing house, in the wider literary or creativity industry or possibly in a totally different industry, this can be the case.

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