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A trainee at Alive means days when you don't just submit papers or turn pages; it means being part of a team working to change lives. Articles about internships at the Frahlingur written by Briana | Pages Unbound. Trainee at a leading Frahlingur.

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Nominees should want to gather agency experiences, have a timetable, be able to work 20 lessons per weeks and be able to work comfortably from a distance. Overall, PSLA is looking for people who have editorial expertise, a love of literature, a keen sense of detail, a wish to understand how the sector and agencies work, and fundamental analytical, research and organisational abilities.

Internal application. - Why do you want to do an internship with a Frahlingur? - What is your week plan/what is your availabilty? While we appreciate the interest of all job seekers, only those who have been chosen for an job interview can be approached.

work placements

A few of these assignments can be: a. Evaluating learning, inquiry notes and scripts; b. Assessing the processing of scripts and non-fiction suggestions; c. Perfecting the skill of the Pitchbrief; e. Analysing the in and out of publisher agreements. We can even arrange an individual work placement for you according to your interests (multimedia, foreign law, publisher agreements, romantic novel, etc.).

Trainees can either be in our New York office or away, according to the trainee. Currently, all Folio placements are unremunerated, but given the placement's academic nature, we recommend that candidates liaise with their associated higher education institutions or institutions to obtain course credits for the placement where possible.

After successfully completing an intern, we can use our comprehensive contact database with large publishers and other Frahlinguren to help you find a career at Buchverlag. Folio alumni have successfully joined the publishers' community and are now deployed throughout the entire sector, from assistants at large publishers and Frahlinguren to large publishers (Penguin, Little Brown, St. Martin's Press, Grove/Atlantic, Curtis Brown, Donald Maas, Maria Campbell, Collins Publishers, Berkley Publishers, Henry Holt, John Wiley & Sons, ICM, RMT PR Management, NAL, WME, Market Partners International, etc.).

Ideally, trainees are interested in both the commercial and editing side of publication. You should be familiar with Microsoft Word Suite (especially Outlook), have good research and typing knowledge and a sharp editing eye. For internships in the field and in the distance we need at least 16 lessons per week.

Three internships are offered per year (autumn, early and summer). Internships for the autumn term 2018 are now available. Chambliss, Jamie: I am looking for an apprentice who is an eager scholar of literary and upscale literature and novel. Ideally, the candidates have extraordinary organisational abilities, great love of detail and demonstrated knowledge of the web and online world.

The trainee should be self-motivated, feel at ease in a multitude of different activities and be inquisitive. It' also important that the trainee is an attentive, attentive readership who recognizes the shortcomings of a script and its potentials, who orientates himself for organisational and specific aims of the script, and a powerful, clear author who can express these shortcomings and shortcomings in succinct, well-written accounts.

Among other things, the trainee will search for new authors, think through non-fiction research and analyse scripts and suggestions. Prior knowledge of editing is preferable. Applicants must be available for an work placement in the company's offices. I' m looking for an enthusiast trainee with a penchant for great books for children and young people," says Cusick, John. They should be a readership of recent young adults and be familiar with popular music, TV and film.

If you are my trainee, you are in charge of examining inquiries and required scripts, composing readers' reviews and processing some letter. Harris, Erin: I'm looking for an energetic trainee, preferentially someone with a literary or written literary diploma, who will read modern books in the following categories: literary diction, bookshop diction, historic diction, modern YA and some nonfictionaries.

If you are my trainee, you will be in charge of answering unasked questions, reviewing required scripts and literary journals, composing readers' stories and personalised passport notes, tracking down the latest news and finding new talents. I am looking for an apprentice with a keen interest in books for young people and a keen interest and enthusiasm for story telling and the publisher world.

Candidates should be familiar with textbooks, intermediate and young adults and have some knowledge of fine arts and illustrations in the textbook environment. If you are my trainee, you are in charge of inquiries and reading material on required scripts, some correspondences, research and specific assignments as well as some tasks in this area.

You' d be in the right place in a perfectly good place one or two nights a week. Celeb memoirs, cookery, pop music, healthcare and exercise, humour, blogs-to-books, pre-scriptive and storytelling non-fiction and selected literature. She' s looking for a dedicated, imaginative trainee who dedicates part of her daily to a book read which, in parallel with book clips such as The New York Times and The New Yorker, also contains popular art and cookery blog.

Trainees can count on developing books, researching stores, creating readers' stories, editing suggested purchases, attending conventions and much more. Katherine's trainees also find out how to get a job in the publisher business after the traineeship. Interested trainees should have fun to read a variety of subjects, among them memoirs, popular art, cookery and nonfiction.

Prior knowledge of editing is an advantage; good communications are a must. Hwang, Annie: Trainees who apply to work with Annie Hwang should be able to study both modern and historic books, especially women's and literary literature, and also be willing to assess some of the fictions of the genres. Tasks included reviewing and assessing uncalled posts, compiling manuscript readership reviews, dealing with soft copy and other specific work as needed.

Previous knowledge of the fields of publication and/or soft copy is an advantage; outstanding communications and organisational abilities are indispensable. Required for an work placement in the field at least 16 lessons per workweek. Internal International Rights: Molly Jaffa and Melissa Sarver, co-directors of Folio's International Rights Division, oversee this work.

They support them in the daily management of tasks in connection with the sales of multi-national (translation) copyrights for folio works. They have the chance to watch all genres of literature being distributed to the world' s best selling agencies and writers (and have the chance to participate in conferences if possible), learn about agreements and taxation paperwork and get ready for the big world' s leading trade shows in Frankfurt, Bologna and London.

You can also browse articles and compose manuscript reviews of different categories (this feature is optional). Ideally suited for people interested in entering the field of publication, especially ancillary copyrights or agreements. Kleinman, Jeff: I am looking for an energetic trainee, with a good research, typing and editorial background and knowledge of MS Word and Excel - someone who is dependable, highly qualified and multitasking.

It is also important that you are interested in the following kinds of books: literature, memoirs, narratives, historic literature and inspired (non-inspiring) ones that make you cry. If you are my trainee, you will think about new reading suggestions, reading required scripts, working on new projects and generally being more of an interested party than someone who just ploughs through a cane.

I want someone who is interested inality TV, who enjoys cookery and cunning things, sophisticated women's literature, mystery, thriller and everything that has to do with popular music. Has to be able to quickly and accurately review and return proper copy within a fortnight. It is important to be in the Folio Office for at least 20 lessons per Week.

Posner, Marcy: Marcy is looking for Chicago trainees who can review and edit a multitude of questions and entries for grown-ups and schoolchildren. Silberman, Jeff: Jeff has a broad palette of interests that includes literary and sophisticated literature, storytelling and descriptive non-fiction, memoirs, sport, humour, history, sciences and technologies.

Trainees who apply to work with him are asked to review and criticize requested and unrequested entries, criticize and process suggestions, post pitfalls, send mail and readers' stories, and research subjects and people from the publishers and people-career. Trainees working with Jeff are also invited to develop book inspiration and find gifted authors who need a substitutes.

He establishes telephone conferences with his trainees on a week ly basis so that everyone can talk about developments. You can either do an work placement in the company's offices or do a long distance one. Frank Weimann: Trainees who apply to work with Frank Weimann should study a wide array of commercially available fictions and non-fiction books, as his work ranges from history of the army to memoir and YA fancy film.

Tasks included reviewing and assessing unasked, asked for and customer scripts and suggestions, and composing readership reviews. Internships can be completed in the offices as well as online.

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