The Mystery Fiction is just one of many literary forms, an essay written in a very literary style. In his work, the author uses many literary means. Immediately after his studies he entered the world of literature. She' s hired a frahling. A literary tool that deals with or is related to writing, studying, or appreciating literature.

Samples for literary in a sentence

Are there literary values to his works? The mysterious is only one of many literary genres. In his work, the writer uses many literary means. Immediately after his studies he joined the literary community. She' s hiring a frahling. For example, Sierra Burgess is a literary genius who accidentally thinks of cubs.

But instead of pursuing his ambitions to be a literary scientist, Mr. Askoldov went to work as an editorial and rector for the Soviet Ministry of Culture. The Dacula High School teacher said at least 80 tenth graders were found betraying their literary skills, chemicals and global histories, Channel 2 said.

In this year the town has chosen 14 scholarship holders from the fields of art and fine art, literature and the fine art. Someone who considers literary art to be their lifeblood, Murphy seeks to put her pupils to the strength and splendour of words. The Texas Young Masters, a collaborative effort of Trust and TCA, honors pupils in classes 8-11 who have excelled in the fields of dancing, theatre, cinema, literature, music, and the fine art.

Maybe a literary scientist with a preference for motorcycles is the ideal tamper. One of Woodland Pattern Book Center's yearly Poetry Marathon & Benefit will collect donations on January 27 to promote its literary and other programs. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources in order to show the actual use of the term "literary".


about or by character of a book or script, especially those classified as literature: literary story. about authorship: literary styles. experienced in or familiar with literary; well reading. involved in or with the occupation of literary or writing: a literary man. characterised by an excessively or concerned representation of literary study; cantankerous; pettifogging.

Several literary works by Mr Gladstone have already been noted. There' s been a throw like the one he used to gather around a literary man. A literary or historic image sometimes sneaks into the text. But Gracie had assumed that he was literary in his taste and ambition. They were supposedly a literary association; they were actually diamonds grinders. adj. 1640s, "concerning the characters of the alphabet", from the francophone literary tradition, from the roman literarius/litterarius "belong to characters or learning", from littera/litera "letter" (see character (n.1)).

The significance of "literature-related" has been proven since 1737.

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