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Thanx for the list, and please consider adding us. OK US[Read More]. Many thanks for helping us as future authors! Hachette sells all her US prints. The list information is provided by the participants and not verified by the LPC.

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Beyond the Code "examines the value of the communications paradigm known as relevancy theories for the study of literature. Nine of the ten papers published by literature scholars are based on numerous samples - poetry by Yeats, Herrick, Heaney, Dickinson and Mary Oliver, novel by Cervantes, Flaubert, Mark Twain and Edith Wharton - and use relevancy theories both as a general framework and as a source for in-depth analysis".

Published by Makoto Hayashi, et al. Conversational Repair and Personal Understanding "examines the way in which we'repair' and correct' such issues as they occur in conversations and other types of personal interact. For more information, click on the publisher's name. Institute of Linguistics and African Languages, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Filipino Association of Research Institutions, Plural Publishing, Inc.

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Peacemaking & Conflict Publishers List

Below is a list of publishers interested in peace and conflict-related topics. There are two references to the list. Additional list entries are welcome. Part of Elsevier Science and Technology, Academic Press is a premier publishing house for academic literature. It is headquartered in South Africa and issues the African Journal on Conflict Resolution (2 per year), as well as the Conflict Trends Magazine (Quarterly) and various other papers.

The Ashgate Group produces innovative research literature, magazines and textbooks in the human and social sciences. Recent papers have included peace-building trials, research on peacemaking, economics and ethnicity. Journalists publish their own research as well as similar works by other writers. One of the biggest and most renowned academia publishers in the game.

We publish in almost all scientific fields and subject areas, from research monographs to topical publications for a broad audience. Areas related to pacification are UN missions, historical, legal, safety matters, etc. Covering political questions, case histories and the fostering of best practices in areas of the Commonwealth, as well as globalization and multi-lateral trading questions, exports and business growth, training, gender, administration and civil servant reforms, legal and humanitarian affairs and small state related matters.

Journals with particular strength in the fields of humanities, Asia, history, labour relationships, literature critique and theories, literature, political science, political science, international affairs and women's work. Council -issued mainly for external analysis by CFR scholarship holders and specialist, scientific or CFR press.

The CSIS provides a broad spectrum of up-to-date material of interest to the reader from politics, administration, economics and academia. Included in these are CSIS scientists' textbooks that have been released through The CSIS Press, CSIS experts' reviews on topical issues, and newsletter from our various work. Most of the articles are in the fields of ethical, social and cultural sciences, politics and religious studies.

Issues related to freedom and conflicts are, among others, equity and peace-building. The HUP concentrates on external relationships, the diplomatic sphere, the past, post-conflict socio-economic analyses, etc. Among others, Hawthorn Press publishes Art and Science, Dispute and Freedom, Society Ecology and Management and Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Education Series. The IDRC' covers topics such as economy, ecology, healthcare, communication, nature, human resource, community and more.

JHU Press is one of the world's biggest publishers, which publishes 60 scientific magazines and almost 200 new titles every year. Prizewinning listings in the fields of historical, scientific, literature, politics and medical sciences are reaching a global public of scientists, student and demanding audiences.

Earlier papers deal with US external relations issues and peacekeeping efforts. Jossey Bass has published a number of novels, magazines and other medias to educate and motivate those who are interested in self-development, their organisations and their comunities. Jossey Bass' works show the work of some of the world's best-known writers in the fields of management, economics, education, religious and intellectual life, educational, non-profit, dispute and relation.

The Kumarian Press was established in 1977 by Krishna Sondhi and Ian Mayo-Smith to meet the need for literature on global change and global leadership tailored to the needs of emerging world. Over the years, Kumarian has broadened its scope of themes to cover globalisation, globalisation, environmental protection, violence, women as well as sex, NGOs, civic societies, micro-finance, human resources, government and global healthcare.

LWWW is a major global publishing house for providing professionals with information on healthcare to doctors, nursing staff, specialists and medical student. The LWW addresses issues of relevance to the physiological and mental facets of post-conflict rehabilitation work. Living Justice Press was established in 2002 and is a non-profit organisation with the aim of publishing and promoting works on alternate works on societal equity and fellowship healings.

The Lynne Rienner Verlag is known for its highly modern and high-quality scientific literature, educational literature and magazines in the political, human and societal fields. Special peace-related issues are safety and developement, judiciary, civil rebuilding and worldwide McFarland was established in 1979 and is a publishing house based in Jefferson, North Carolina. Peacemaking topics cover international affairs, educational issues, women's research, management and historical issues.

M. E. Sharpe is a private editor of textbooks and periodicals in the fields of business, economy, management as well as politics, business, history as well as literary work. In addition, we have published and translated works in Asia and Eastern Europe surveys. MIT is the only college newspaper in the United States whose list is scientific and technological.

Each year, the NAP produces more than 200 publications on a broad spectrum of scientific, technological and health-related subjects, setting out the main opinions on important scientific and public policies. Press has released important new, award-winning references and outstanding scientific work in the fields of historiography, religious beliefs, psychological research, literary research, culture, politics, social sciences, cinema and legal work.

Moreover, the press has an entrenched list in general cultural, Balkanism, and has grown listings in areas such as Judaic studies, Afroamericanism, Asian-American Studies, Latino/Latin America and more. The New World Library has published in the fields of terror, racial, psychological, etc. Nordic Africa Institute produces literature and papers on topical Africa topics, political dialogues, political notes and papers.

Novellis is the most important publishing house in Canada. The Orbis Book publishing house has been a publishing house since 1970. There is a large selection of textbooks on the spiritual, theological and topicality. Presspublications have been published in the fields of African studies, international research, legal, social, etc. The OUP includes the fields of jurisprudence, historiography, humanities, religions and geography.

Topics include government, terror, humanitarian issues, case histories and more. The Paradigm publishing company covers the fields of humanities, communications, education, research on sex, ethnology, history, religion and general research on conflict. Headquartered in Berlin, PRIO has two leading scholarly magazines, Journal of Peace Research (JPR) and Security Dialogue, and is the editing home of two others, Journal of Military Ethics and International Area Studies Review.

JPR and Security Dialogue were voted among the top ten of ISI' top ten trade magazines in 2010. Topics are religious, economic, management, historical, etc. Polity is one of the internationally renowned publishers in the fields of society and the arts, covering the fields of political science, philosophical research, political science, culture and music.

Issues related to conflicts are financial, as well as developments, human rights, etc. Areas of expertise: psychological science, judiciary, history, geography, energetics, etc. The press has published in the fields of economy, policy, law, economy, geography, sociology, etc. in the field of humanities. The Random House publication focuses on philosophy of freedom, historical, religious and managerial issues. For twenty-nine years Rawat Pubations has been at the service of the academia and has become one of India's leading publishers in the humanities and humanities.

The topics of the publications comprise the fields of social science, ethnology, women's research, pedagogy and economy. RoLogledge is a worldwide publishing house for scientific literature, periodicals and on-line resource in the arts and society. Issues specifically related to the issue of conflict are government, interregional conflict, peacekeeping, education as well as peacekeeping missions. Topics are management, sex, justice, as well as humanitarian and local government.

The SAGE Publications is an independant publishing house for magazines, textbooks and electronicals. "Topics covered here included sex, identities, communication, HR, CR theories, etc. Emphasis is placed on religions, democracies, leadership and case study. Axel Springer has published a number of publications in the fields of law, psychology, education, safety and health. St. Martin's is a university publishing house specialising in the arts.

They are the biggest publishers of course book for collegiate Englishschools, as well as a leader in the fields of story, communication, economy, etc. The Stanford University Press produces economic, economic, legal, historical, safety, Middle Eastern, Latino and Asia literature. The SUNY Press promotes national and fast expanding listings of works in the fields of philosophical, Judaic, religious, Asiatic, politics, transpersonal psychological, women's research, qeer study, African and tribal study, as well as national and international scholars.

Established in 1997, the newspaper has written a number of publications on issues such as forgive, psycology, order, science as well as religious, spiritual and life. As a prizewinning, freelance publishing house, the enterprise produces literature and non-fiction both regionally and nationally. Peacemaking themes included management, historical, religious, legal and cultural issues. United Nations publications deal with a broad spectrum of issues such as safety, the enviroment, mankind, humanitary issues and globalisation.

Emerging from a largely local newspaper, the Universiy of Hawaiii' Print has become one of the most prestigious publishers of Asia and Asia Pacifica research in the entire worInd. Among the works are works and magazines about Japan. One of the most prestigious U.S. publishers, the U.S. offers degrees in the fields of story, guidance, case study, law, and more.

Papers cover everything from humanities, economy and geography to philosophical and psychological scholars. Topics are management, civilization, gender and breed. ENCP concentrates on the topics of sex, human rights, and human rights. The UNDP's peace-related literature covers topics such as religious beliefs, peace-building measures, trade, geography and historical issues. It publishes on ethical, cultural, foreign affairs, democratic, colonial and identity issues.

In accordance with its mission to encourage the avoidance, containment and peacefully resolve of conflict, USIP is dedicated to the publication of significant works that provide new clues. The UTP concentrates mainly on the areas of historiography, humanities and geography. Wiley's focus is on peacekeeping missions, equity, philosophy of freedom, security, history, etc. The Woodrow Wilson Press publication ranges from topical reports on historic subjects to basic scientific review and relevant backgrounds on important political themes.

World Bank official World Bank publication includes the celebrated accounts and a series of volumes covering the entire gamut of economical and societal developments. W.W. Norton has been publishing since 1923 as an independant publishing house in the fields of business, ecology, psychology as well as soil science. Press releases contribute to a comprehensive view of people' s issues and contain textbooks and material on their histories, economies, education, etc.

The Zed Books range includes the fields of policy and IR, business, research on developments, gene sciences and area sciences.

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