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This is Emma House, Director of Publisher Relations. Editors Extensive collection of links to publishers and information on broadcasters around the world. The Publishers' Catalogues Home Page list of book publishers, magazine publishers, associations of publishers, agents, desktop publishing and web publishing companies in the UK. Best online guide for independent & university book publishers.

The Comma Press - Comma Press (UK) online fiction, non-fiction, poems, anthologies, translations.

Publishing houses and prints

Further information on the various publishers can be found below. While this list is not exhaustive, it shows the great diversity of the UK publishers. And Allison & Busby - Small publishers of BIG literature. Britischer Verlag, founded in 1967 by Clive Allison and Margaret Busby. It has made a name for itself as a major independently owned publishers.

Allma Books was established in October 2005 by Alessandro Gallenzi and Elisabetta Minervini, the founder of Hesperus Press. Publishes fifteen to twenty books a year, mainly in the sphere of modern literature. The Atlantic Books is the UK branch of the US based Grove Atlantic, an independant publisher. She was established in February 2000 and her first book was released in May 2001.

Since then, it has created a list known worldwide for its excellence, authenticity and range of works, including literature, historical, political, memoirs and contemporary events. The Bloomsbury Publishing is a premier independently owned publishing house and a recipient of the Publishers of the Year 1999 and 2000 citations. The Canongate Books was established in 1973.

The Canongate Books group has developed into one of the most vibrant publishers in the UK. Canongate Books is very internationally oriented and will continue to promote and release new talents from around the globe, while preserving the spirit of the Scottish canon. Acronyms Faber and Faber, Faber is an independant publisher in Great Britain, distinguished above all by a lot of poesy and its former publisher T. S. Eliot.

The Faber Group has a long history of editing literature, non-fiction, theatre, films, musicals and children's literature. A new publisher, Gallic is launching the British artwork of the time. PANDAMMILLAN is one of the UK's biggest general book publishers.

Prints, Pan, Picador, Boxtree, Sidgwick & Jackson, Tor, Macmillan Children's and Campbell Boks, Macmillan Children's Book, Young Picador und Campbell School. The Penguin Book publishing house was established in 1935 by Sir Allen Lane. Today Penguin and Penguin Group are the flagships of the Penguin Group and are held by Pearson PLC. The Persephone Book prints a reprint of C20th ( "mostly women's") authors' ignored classicism.

Linguistically and modernly, Polygon is published by award-winning authors such as James Kelman, Agnes Owens and the writer of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith. Oportobello Buchs Ltd was established in 2005 and produces and distributes literature with the aim of promoting votes, helping authors and challenged people.

Quercus Publishing was founded in May 2004 by Mark Smith and Wayne Davies. In 2009 Quercus was the UK's fastestgrowing specialist publishing house with an increase in turnover of 133% and thus the eighteenth biggest publishing house with a 50.7% holding of the UK publishing industry. The Random House is the world's biggest English-language specialist book publishing house.

Since 1998, it has been in the hands of the large privately held Bertelsmann Group and has developed into the parent company of the Bertelsmann book-publishers. Swiss Publishers Serpent's Tail is a prestigious UK based freelance book company for the production of nonfiction and literature, published by Profile Books Ltd. The New York City-based Simon & Schuster, Inc. company was established in 1924 by Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster.

It' one of the four biggest English-speaking publishers. Each year, it produces over two thousand publications under 35 different editions. The Tindal Street Press is an independant publishing house for local literature with a nationwide renown for excellent service and a price list that is envied by many renowned publishers. Founded in 1950, Transworld has been in Bertelsmann's possession since 1981. In 1998, when Bertelsmann took over Random House, it became part of the Random House Group.

Transworld publishes less than 250 new hardcover and softcover books each year and thus consistently has more bestseller listings on the Sunday Times than any other publisher.

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