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Short Story Authors List

But I wanted more and became an early reader of short stories. An enormous list of resources, blogs and books you won't want to miss. The list shows ten masters of the short story genre from the USA. I' m not quite sure what kind of short story you're looking for, Kelly. I've put together a list for you.

So far 25 large collections of short stories from the 21 century

These are the best short novels that take you away from reality; those that make a poorly woven side of a word and completely abandon you when they're done. With the best short story, you'll get more from the same writer than if everyone offered another little insight into the secret cosmos they've made.

So, these collectibles contain several worlds - and they are created by some of the best modern authors we have. Suggest more short story libraries from this age in the commentaries below - or twitter them with us @ScottishBkTrust. Get more information here.

Nine short novels by women writers you must study before you perish.

Shorts can't last as long as fiction, but that doesn't make them any simpler to perfection. Designing a short story that really is singing from the side - one that remains with the readers when the books are back on the shelves - is not an easily done task.

Here are some short novels by women writers you should try, from the library and hospital to squeezed rose and fetal feet. Young lady in a strange land begins a new career with a troubling hostage. Allison Moore is the kind of author who can convey a whole mood with just a few well-placed movements.

The story is a great example of their skills. It' one of those sneaking up on you - there is some kind of minutious, claustrophobic sub-text to everything, and you know that something will go terribly awry without being able to say exactly what or why you are feeling like that.

It' also one of those tales that's like a mystery that you have to put together yourself; once you're done - at least if you're something like me - you want to turn back and look for hints that you might have overlooked. It is one of the shortest tales on the list that makes Massey's living universe all the more compelling.

One could argue that the first and last line of a short story are among the most important - and the opening to "Footer" ("She wanted to have her legs fucked") is certainly one that attracts to her. The story is a good example of something that Irenosen Okojie does very well in her writings, which combines a kind of black humor with something more generally dramatic and moving.

"The" footer" is one of those where you want to go through the last few sections to make sure you are reading them correctly the first one. Best of all, the way the sound changes and tipples subtly: we begin to think that it's a cranky little romance about two college kids wooing through the media of the local public school. But the further we get, the less trustworthy the storyteller appears.

There is no clear reply and I think the story is all the better. But the best thing about Then Later, His Ghost, is that it is like a very inventive little story. Depicting in detail the nightmare -like, devastating power of the breeze - gives the whole thing a real, could-actual-eventful mood that makes the story all the time tight, and the relation between the protagonist and the expectant wife that he helps undercurl.

It' one of those tales that surprises you. There is so much going on in this disturbing little story that the one-line text above really doesn't do the spot. It all begins with the prospect of a burgeoning love affair in a café, and then the story goes entirely off the rails: there is a murky background story about abduction and bodily harm; there are death of families, missing identities and - just waiting for it - even the clue to something alien at the end, just to really surprise you.

Okojie's way of painting, which blends realist scenes with metaphors of surrealism, allows her to spray her story with spectacular features that make them seem strangely unnatural. To tell you the truth, this story did not make me cry a goddamn thing, but quite honestly it would be a cool lies.

However, it is also beautifully spelled - Clanchy makes the big leaps in history perfect, and the realistic character and descriptions make it all the more emotion. Oh, and the story has also won some huge awards: Clanchy received the VS Pritchett Memorial Prize and the BBC National Short Story Award, which is notorious.

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