List of Publishers who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

Publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

Albert Whitman & Company, based in Park Ridge, Illinois, is a publisher of children's books. The name behind the rise of Bancroft Press is Bruce Bortz. So, let's go: Take a look at this list of possibilities. This is a list of five imprints where you can submit your work: Authorhors Publish will tell you which other "Big Five" imprints accept unwanted manuscripts.

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Many of my readership want to know more about how to get released, so last weeks I split a list of phantasy and sci-fi publishers who accept unagents. I' m doing the same thing with romantic this weekend! That'?s not a complete list. Romanticism is a vast category, and there are many possibilities for authors who have no agent.

Every publisher's name is a liveconfirm feed to their entry policy. You' re releasing lgtq literature, which includes romantic. They are looking for books, as well as literature for females, short stories and full-length books. That is Harlequin's mostly digitally edited book and I' ve released my spookhouse romantic Sole Possession with them. They are open to a variety of length and subspecies.

Their specialization is in homosexual masculine romanticism, and it looks as if they are currently looking for both modern and para-normal themes. This Macmillan print makes a great deal of young adults and new adults as well as adulthood. √ĘThis is a great central publishing romantic e-book section. I' m the filmmaker.

They are looking for full-length fiction that is carefree, funny and healthy without being sectarian. You accept unclaimed subordinations for array romances that are the smaller/skinnier Harlequins. They are associated with romantic paranormalism, probably because of their name, but they are also historic and modern. One of Kensington's most important ebooks is the Kensington e-book group.

Quite a new gambler in the romantic era of firsts. You mentioned that they are open to women, which I don't see so much nowadays. You are looking for books with 85,000 to 100,000 words, which is quite long in the romantic world. This is the first print that's been made digitally for a while.

They have published several subspecies, among them many western romances, which is rather uncommon. If you write romantic or something else, I wish you good fortune for your work! If you don't want to miss out on the next few postings, please check out the blog: there is a place to register.

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